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Bi-weekly Update #11 (2021/7/26~8/9)

Perpetual Protocol Newsletter
Bi-weekly Update #11 (2021/7/26~8/9)
By Perpetual Protocol Team • Issue #11 • View online

Highlights in the last development sprint
🧑‍🔬 v2 Development
  • The development team is hard at work and making steady progress on v2, the current #1 focus. Head to the to-dos section below for details on the ongoing Curie development effort!
🤝 Partnership/Marketing
  • Big Brain ChallengeWhile we’re busy building v2, we made a quiz to test our community’s knowledge of Perpetual Protocol and have a chance to win 7 $PERP. The campaign is now over but you can still try out the quiz here
  • Business Development Team ExpansionThe biz-dev team hired two new members, expanding our resources considerably. In DeFi where integration with the broader ecosystem is so important, this will let us improve our reach and ability to work with partners new and old.
To-dos in this development sprint
📑 Smart Contracts
  • Building and Researching V2 (🚧 still work in progress!)Currently, the basic trading function for v2 is complete. We’re implementing funding payments and liquidations, and researching the best way to charge traders transaction fees.
🛢 Backend
  • Adding Support for V2 (🚧 still work in progress!)For this task, we’re mainly working on the design of the subgraph interfaces for v2. Till now, we’ve designed the interfaces for positionChanged events and trader PnL. We’ll work on the interfaces for AMM-related events and funding payment history in this sprint.
💻 Web
  • Mobile Web UI (🚧 still work in progress!)For now, if you want to trade on Perpetual Protocol on the go, please use the lite mode or instead (note APEX uses Perpetual Protocol on the back-end, but positions will not show across and APEX.)
  • Desktop Web UI for V2 (🚧 still work in progress!)We’re working on a new trading UI for v2, which accommodates new functionalities such as leveraged liquidity provisioning and (potentially) liquidity mining. This new UI follows the same design principles as the mobile web UI and will launch alongside it.
🤝 Partnership/Marketing
  • Referral Program (🚧 still work in progress!)Our referral program is growing and it’s almost time to launch phase 2 with an all-new dashboard to make it easy for referral partners and their traders to keep track of rewards, as well as help us scale the program.
  • V2 Marketing (🚧 still work in progress!)We’re on a lot of podcasts/interviews in the previous sprint, including The Delphi Podcast, Bankless, and Arcane Bear. If you’re more of a reader than a listener, you can also check out coverage from Delphi Digital and Bankless. There will be even more events in the run-up to v2 testnet. Stay tuned!
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