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Strange Things Happening

Glue's Letter
Hey Friends
This week has been crazy in terms of personal work and getting ahead for my vacation. Barely found time to sit down and write this but tryna keep the habit going. This is the 38th week in a row I’ve written this newsletter, thanks for coming along for the journey!
"Walkman" Strange Things print now available
You can thank the TikTokers for this one, they went nuts and kept asking for prints lol. You can support me by purchasing one HERE or the link below!
"Walkman" Vintage Concept Poster
Shortcomings of Short Form
Tried out some more short-form content this past week after chatting about it in last week’s newsletter. My first one BOMBED. That feeling is def demoralizing at times and I pretty much wrote off that week, until…
My Stranger Things Walkman ad that I made in this Video, blew up on both Twitter and IG. That got me thinking, fuck it, let’s format it for TikTok, from there it went flying and I think has over like 100K plays now which is pretty cool. Long story short all the TikTok stranger things stans wanted prints so here we are lol.
That is the thing with these short-form content algorithms we can complain all we want but they really have figured out a SEMI-fair way to promote stuff. If the video is cool, interesting, or funny the site will push it out regardless of your following count. We all like the have something to blame for when our videos flop, it especially hurts for me on the YouTube ones cuz they take a lot more effort.
However, maybe next time ask yourself “Is this a video I would stop and watch?”
Focusing on Personal Practice
I am sitting here this month grateful enough to be in a financial position to have all my expenses paid for the next few months thanks to some big boy client work. The hustler in me wants to get ahead even more and stack that money and increase my financial cushion. BUT the healthy part of me has realized this is a perfect time for a break and personal development.
This doesn’t mean I am not going to be working the rest of this month but for the next 3 weeks, I am solely focusing on my personal design practice, youtube videos, and the podcast. I want to set aside some time to grow and reflect on the past year.
At the end of this 3-week period, I am going to Puerto Rico for like 10 days to attend a wedding and enjoy a long-needed vacation.
I am not only excited to take a break but already looking forward to that feeling when I come back where I am excited to work, learn, grow, and just hop back into things.
I never take breaks, that is a blessing and a curse. I always have this looming feeling that it will cause me to fall too far behind. Until I realized I just gotta push it a tiny bit harder a month or so before to set myself up for relaxation.
“A day that starts with work, creates rest that can be enjoyed without Guilt”
oh you’re a graphic designer? name every single layer
Closing Thoughts
Take a break (If you want to).
Much Love, Glue.
Weekly Wrap Up
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Designing a Vintage Stranger Things Poster Ad
Designing a Vintage Stranger Things Poster Ad
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Can Graphic Design Help SAVE Society? | Oversettext (Ram Reyes)
Be Careful with a Fool
Be Careful with a Fool
Johnny Winter Poster
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