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Since when was being smart with money bad?

Glue's Letter
Hey Friends
Hope everyone is having a nice end to the week.. or beginning I guess depending on how you look at sundays. I am writing this week’s newsletter from a cool little coffee shop near my house. This is my second or third time writing the newsletter from a remote location like this on my laptop and honestly, it’s really nice.
*Not Financial Advice
Wierd Ass Take
Wierd Ass Take
This week on the podcast I chatted with Piper Ferrari. She is a dope designer who does a lot of cool analog stuff that I like and works a lot in the hardcore music scene. During the call, we chatted a bit about being smart with money as a freelancer and some of the taboos around it. I thought she was spitting so I clipped a part of that for the promo and threw it on IG.
So in the clip piper was talking about how it’s smart to have a nice little nest egg saved up if you want to quit your job and go freelance. This allows you to focus on the creative more and not make any desperate business decisions. The point of all this is some person commented something about how that was wrong and blah blah blah.
I normally don’t respond to this type of nonsense but there are so many comments on the thread on the post it’s kinda funny. I just want to clarify that I completely agree with piper. Before I quit my job to pursue freelance I think I saved up about 4-6 months of expenses. That number is arbitrary and depending on where you live maybe 3 months could be chill. Irregardless I think it’s wise to put some nice financial rules in place for yourself if you wanna succeed as a freelancer or some kinda solo creator.
If you want to listen to the full episode with Piper, you can check that out here.
Here are a few things I like to do as a freelance designer, so here is Jesse’s *Not Financial Advice list lol
  • Always save 30% of whatever the project is for taxes. (This number may be more or less depending on where you live and your tax bracket)
  • Have a Savings of 3-6 Months of expenses that way if you run into any dry months you arent fucked
  • Don’t fall into the trap of lifestyle inflation. The more income you make don’t raise the floor of your expenses.
  • Start a ROTH IRA (Vanguard is a good option)
  • Use google sheets to keep track of all the projects you’ve done, the price, how much needs to be saved for taxes, and any of your monthly expenses.
  • Raise your prices and stay competitive with the industry standard. Check out this pricing resource by Emma Bers
  • Find Write-offs in your niche, check this out too
  • Always use paperwork, watch my video on contracts and a good resource by Harry Vincent as well
Trevor and I back in College - Circa 2018
Trevor and I back in College - Circa 2018
Last night I was at the bar and chatting with my homie Trevor. He goes by Freeman713. He was asking me what I thought about Patreon and if he should get into it for releasing exclusive sample packs, music tutorials etc. I thought that sounded like a great Idea.
I think any creative who can offer some kind of value to their audience could benefit from a Patreon. I love mine and all my patrons and releasing exclusive stuff on there is a nice way to give value to y'all and make a little extra side cash. If you are a designer, 3d artist, musician, whatever it may be I’m sure there is something cool you can offer to the world.
If you wanna check out my Patreon and support ya boy, here is a link. I drop early access to videos on there, exclusive content, you get merch, direct communication with me, and more.
Foreal though I know so many of my talented friends who have so much to offer, so look into it.
Love how these kinda setups look
Love how these kinda setups look
I have used a dual monitor setup for over 3 years now. I love it for both design and just general productivity. It’s nice to be able to compartmentalize 2 different things your working on.
With that being said, I have been seeing a bunch of cool ultra-wide setups on pinterest and whatnot. I have always been intrigued by them but not sure if it’s for me.
Do y'all have experience with an ultrawide monitor or even better have used a 2 monitor setup and an ultrawide in your time. Feel free to shoot me a reply if you got any insight into this.
Sneak Peek on the next Blues Legendz Poster
Sneak Peek on the next Blues Legendz Poster
Stuff I currently like and stuff I’m looking forward to!
Noah Baker
a flowchart I've tested and shared with some friends to help you decide if you should take on a project or not
Closing Thoughts
Much Love, Glue.
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My Graphic Design Portfolio | Tips, Walkthrough, & Update
Podcast with Piper
Analog Design, Setting Goals as a Freelancer, & Hardcore Music Scene | Piper Ferrari
Analog Design, Setting Goals as a Freelancer, & Hardcore Music Scene | Piper Ferrari
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