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My AC Broke during a heatwave

Glue's Letter
Hey Friends
Hope you are staying cool during this heatwave.
Temp inside my apartment at 8pm the other day
Temp inside my apartment at 8pm the other day
It’s been so hot in California and the AC in my house broke, it got fixed for one day but then broke again lol. It’s crazy how fast I became pampered by central AC because before the apartment I lived in now I never had it. Through 4 years of college and my last apt in West Hollywood we had no air and the heat fucked us up.. but we just kinda handled ya know.
Once you’re given a luxury and it’s taken away that is when it really hits ya. So right now I’m still trying to get shit done. Record videos in the heat, work, and write this newsletter with the fan blasting in my face and overall just tough it out I guess you could say.
Now I feel for all my homies in the UK who recently had a heatwave and I know none of them have AC. How are you doing? Is it hot where you are? Are you in califoria? Is reading this just making it worse for you because your AC broke too.
Deep Play
So this concept of deep play I learned about in the book Rest, is basically activities outside of work that still mentally engage you and whatnot. If you’re anything like me it can be hard to take your mind off work when you are purely just resting and relaxing ( like watching tv or something for example) So if you’re like this you could def benefit greatly from some more deep play hobbies.
Lately, I have been playing a lot of pool at the bar with my friend Sean, going bowling with my girl and some friends, as well as getting into the yearly fantasy football obsession. The latter probably isn’t too beneficial but it’s so fun for some irrational reason.
I think the thread between these 3 things though is competition. Even in the video games I like, I enjoy online competitive ranked type multiplayer games ya know. There is something about a fun engaging hobby that also adds the layer of competition that makes it so fun. I actually talked about this whole thing in my podcast with George Nowack I also think that competitive nature is what helps it take your mind off stuff even more. Hmm maybe I am just competitive in general and that’s why I overwork myself at times in freelance, who knows.
What kind of activities, video games, sports, hobbies or whatever are you playing?? Is there any you want to get into? For my fantasy peeps, how’s your team looking?? I unfortunately drafted Cam Akers in one of my leagues…
Sneak Peek
Been feeling a bit burnt out on personal work. I think the computer helps add to that feeling though, So I have been doing a lot more collage and mainly analog type stuff. I found this cool hot rod mag at the orange antique circle a while back and have been looking for an excuse to use it. I miss messing with this more collage/xerox type punk scan style. Is it just a SoCal thing to say “Smashin” when you’re driving a car really fast? Can I use it in a sentence?? Sure lol.
* Car speeds by through an intersection super fast
“Damn that foo was smashing”
Still Trying it out
So ever since I found out about the creator fund that Pinterest offers to some US-based creators I have been grinding it out. I’m, sure you’ve seen me talk about it and that’s because it has been one hell of a slow grind. I think I got the monthly saves and views needed by just reposting all my old tiktoks and reels. However I still need 250 followers, so if about 100 of you from the newsletter went and followed my Pinterest it would be much appreciated. That’s only 25% of y'all so it shouldn’t be to crazy right?
Has anyone else had experience with this or tried out the “Idea pins” on Pinterest? It seems just like every other platform they are making this big shift to short-form content. The more I see this kind of stuff pop up the more I realize how much TikTok just absolutely changed the game.
Stuff I currently like and stuff I’m looking forward to!
Closing Thoughts
Stay cool out there.
Much Love, Glue.
Weekly Wrap Up
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