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I made it out alive

Glue's Letter
Hey Friends
Ya boy made it to the other side! Covid this past week kicked my ass but I’m feeling a lot better now and ready to get back into the swing of things. Hope all is well with y’all
Honestly, covid was pretty bad the first few days but other than actually being sick it was nice to be forced to take a break. I have a terrible habit of overworking myself and not letting myself chill. I feel like I’m almost the opposite of a procrastinator, once I know about something I’m stressed about it right away Up to pretty much when it’s finished.
This time tho that “bad habit” of planning too much and trying to get ahead of things worked out in my favor. I was so caught up on client work and YouTube shit that I was pretty much able to kick it guilt-free all week. I watched this show called Minx on HBO that was pretty cool, I started Love Death and Robots and just straight up relaxed. I’m not sure if im advising to stress out as much as I do about all my tasks, but having some systems in play and a schedule that keeps you on track felt pretty satisfying this time around. 
Overall, I think I need to give myself more breaks and time to recharge. Not doing any work for a week made me feel super excited to get back into it.
The price of work
Photo from Unslpash by Lance Anderson
Photo from Unslpash by Lance Anderson
So I recently did a podcast with James from Oh no type co and we got to talking about pricing and the different ways a project can reward you. Sometimes I feel like the more fun projects like album art and things like that are harder to lock in because the pay is a lot lower than a branding project for example. However, that convo with James got me thinking about how there are other ways to be rewarded for your work outside of pay. If you are able to book some big jobs and get paid nicely from a giant company or something you can afford to work for a little less on like an indie bands vinyl or something.
I feel like sometimes I get so caught up in maximizing profit I forget that maybe I just wanna work on something cuz the project seems fun or I get to create something I haven’t done before. I think what’s contributing to this feeling too is that I really just wanna work on a physical album design and do the vinyl and all that good stuff. I’ve done a lot of things so far that I’m very proud of in my career but that is one I def wanna check off the list.
Stuff I currently like and stuff I’m looking forward to!
Jack → AAA
ok lots of new people on here recently, here is a thread of design accounts and designers you should follow too 🧵🧵🧵
Closing Thoughts
Take all the time you need.
Much Love, Glue.
Weekly Wrap Up
Pod with Ohnotype Co and Some fun design work
James from Ohnotype Co on the podcast!
James Edmondson (OH no Type Co.) - Type Design, Mastering a Craft & Owning Your Work. Ep.75
James Edmondson (OH no Type Co.) - Type Design, Mastering a Craft & Owning Your Work. Ep.75
Almost 10k on this one!
Passive Income for Graphic Designers - Side Hustles 2022
Passive Income for Graphic Designers - Side Hustles 2022
Burn Baby Burn
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