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Got me Thinkin'

Glue's Letter
Hey Friends
Hope you’re living well and made it through the week okay. I like writing this newsletter on Sundays cuz it’s a solid feeling that the week has finished.
Got me Thinkin'
Little photo of my hometown this past weekend
Little photo of my hometown this past weekend
This week has been pretty good overall. Like I said in the last newsletter I’m focusing on some personal work and it’s been fulfilling. I even got around to posting an exclusive Patreon video, Def want to do more of that stuff for y’all.
I chatted with Zimri Mayfield for the podcast and that EP should be coming out soon. Zimri is a designer who got some notoriety through designing logos on YouTube and these days he’s renovating a house in Texas but his content is just as interesting and fun.
We chatted about how some of the best designers aren’t really that known or involved on social media. It seemed to come down to the fact that all the time we put into “content” or just navigating the social media space those designers are working on projects or grinding out some new techniques in the lab.
That idea got me thinking about my own goals as a designer and creator. I started posting online a lot more and doing YouTube, the podcast, and a TikTok here and there to really just practice and hopefully get more clients and then also connect with other designers. 
I would say I have pretty much done all of that, but now this whole Jesse Nyberg or “Permanentglue” brand has kind of taken on a life of its own. On one side of things, I’m very grateful because I get to express my creativity in more ways than just design but like I said above it also takes away from the time where I could just be designing. 
I don’t think I’m completely burnt out but I do think I may switch up some of my priorities a little bit. I’ll still be making stuff and sharing it with y’all, but I def want to reserve more time for getting better at design. 
This world has got me so caught up in growing on all these channels I forgot a bit why I got started in the first place. At the end of the day, this whole machine all stems from a love for design.
Nice type at the Boba spot! Also the best Boba in Socal (that I know of..)
Nice type at the Boba spot! Also the best Boba in Socal (that I know of..)
Stuff I currently like and stuff I’m looking forward to!
Joseph Hillenbrand
Lately I've seen some fatigue from graphic designers who are seeing the same mockups over and over. I was just given access to the AI-image generator DALLE-2 and wanted to see how we can use this tool to generate *unique* mockups. The results are fascinating...🧵
Closing Thoughts
Don’t forget what sparked that fire in you.
Much Love, Glue.
Weekly Wrap Up
Podcast with Eduziggy
Graphic Designer Using Art & Music to Spread Positivity | Eduziggy
Graphic Designer Using Art & Music to Spread Positivity | Eduziggy
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