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Fear and Loathing

Glue's Letter
Hey Friends
Hope you are doing well this week. I’m writing this week’s newsletter on my old piece of shit MacBook. I forgot how much I hate typing on these flat keys, mech keyboards really are SUPERIOR.
Speaking of
Speaking of mechanical keyboards, I think your boy is ready for an upgrade. When I used to exclusively use a laptop in college and until I bought my PC I never really understood the hype behind mechanical keyboards, but boy was I wrong.
The rabbit hole is a double edge sword though for both your mind and your wallet. I started out with a reddragon like this, on my gamer shit ya now. Then I got a little more legit and my girl bought me this cool calculator board by Varmilo, and the past year I have been rocking with this nice Leopold that I really enjoy (all brown switches by the way, sorry for any keyboard jargon if that means nothing to you lol) I even made a video unboxing the Leopold when I first bought it lol, you can watch that here if ya bored.
The reason I’m writing about this though is that I have been wanting to get a super nice custom keyboard, maybe something that’s hotswapable so I can just plug in super nice keycaps and switches. I want a board that sounds like this! That thock chunky sound is so nice. The thing is though, I have a super addictive personality so I’m afraid if I get into customs I’ll spend all my money perfecting the perfect keyboard haha
All that being said, if you have any recommendations or info on any mech keyboard stuff feel free to send it my way, or if you just wanna reply with a photo of your keeb setup that’s cool too!
I finally got my hands on a ps5 at retail price and have been running 2k a bunch, might have to quit my design career to pursue 2k fulltime lol. IDK if any of y'all play that game but it’s way harder this year to hit greens (IFKYK)
In all seriousness though it’s been nice to have a new system to play video games on and take my mind off work. I play games on my PC too but ever since I got out of my overwatch and hearthstone phase nothing has been catching my interest much. The nice thing about the ps5 too is that I put it out in the living room so it’s fully removed from my desk setup.
I don’t know if it’s just me but I have a hard time sometimes fully taking my mind off work. Even if I’m playing a game on my pc or watching youtube or whatever I find myself checking my emails, doing scheduling in my calendar, or full-on cracking open photoshop or illustrator and designing something. When I’m not into a hobby or game at the moment I find myself designing more and creating more personal work which is positive but the negative is I rarely give myself a break or something to just detach from design with.
Having hobbies is a nice way to take your mind off design and work but still mentally engage you. I talked about this idea in a video I have coming out soon on the channel. What kinda hobbies are you into or what games are y'all playing these days if any?
On my Bookworm Shit
Reading has kinda become a hobby of mine the last 5 years also, however I been slacking the past 3-4 months. I been trying to get back into it so please feel free to shoot me some recommendations. I been trying to read Fear and Loathing finally to see what all the Hunter S. Thompson hype is all about. I’m only on about page 20 but so far so good, maybe I’ll pick up some of his other books if I enjoy it through the end.
I just picked up a couple cool design logo books too, i know that aint really reading but it’s nice to have some stuff to do research on for a new project that’s outside of the computer. I think that the main appeal to books for me is that it’s tactile and not a screen. For this reason, I don’t think I’ll ever really fuck with kindles but I know alot of my friends love em so idk. As a designer, content creator, and podcaster I’m always looking at screens, my eyes are probably gonna be destroyed when I’m old too so i might as well read that small print on books while I can.
Closing Thoughts
Feeling pretty good about life lately, been getting some fun projects, hanging out with my partner and friends a lot, and overall think I’m a little happier this year. I hope you all are doing okay too.
Much Love, Glue.
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