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Everyone has their own path

Glue's Letter
Hey Friends
Hope you are all doing well. Felling back into the swing of things after my recent vacations. Got some cool client stuff lined up and am excited about the next few videos going out on the YT. Hope you all are having a nice day. Also, one more cheeky plug, go follow my Pinterest, tryna grow over there:)
Everyone has their own path
photo Geo sent me of him working somewhere cool
photo Geo sent me of him working somewhere cool
I did a podcast this week with GEO, you can check it out here. Geo is an amazingly talented designer I met one day in Elliot Ulm’s discord server. He works super hard and has this over-achiever-type mindset that I’m jealous of and amazed to see at the same time. He is also a digital nomad which is pretty cool, who wouldn’t wanna travel around the world doing after effects in little coffee shops… well maybe not the after effects part. Anyway, we got to talking about a little feeling I think we’ve all experienced, comparing yourself to other creatives.
Seeing other people succeed or doing cool things should automatically make us proud and happy for our homies. The bad part inside of you though instantly makes you feel
“Why didn’t I get that opportunity”
“How come I’m not as good at photoshop”
“I want more money like that”
obviously paraphrasing to make it simple but you get the point. It’s so easy to see people winning around you and feel discouraged. The thing you gotta try to remember though is everyone has had a different upbrings, different life, and a different journey. There are probably people comparing themselves to you and feeling jealous at that exact moment. You can’t compare yourself to others and you shouldn’t wanna be like them either because you get to be YOU. YOU are the only person who gets to live that life too so make it worth it.
Mini Trucks
This ain’t so much about design.. well I guess the design of these trucks is cool so that works. I have been ob sensing over mini trucks like these old Datsuns and Toyota pickups for quite some time now. The harsh reality of life though is I got more responsible shit to save for so it might be a while before I buy one. They ain’t terribly overpriced though and not even everyone’s cup of tea, just something ya boy is really into. With the growth of client work and all my own personal channels though, I’m hoping to buy one of these by this year or the next. Might even fuck around and make a vlog about that when it happens on YouTube.
What is that one thing that you’re into that maybe most people don’t find their favorite? I love finding little things like this to obsess over and if ya ain’t feeling it one day it helps give you that extra little drive and something to look forward to.
Sneek Peek
Been feeling a little uninspired lately on the subject front. Sometimes the hardest part about coming up with personal design work isn’t the actual layout, composition, or colors it is the ideas. I love doing stuff with typography but when you’re coming up with it all off the top you gotta be a damn copywriter too haha.
Anywayyyy here is a fun poster experiment I worked on this week featuring the GOAT Miles Davis, Was bumping this Album and stumbled upon some cool ringed halftone punk zines and got inspired. Want to share stuff with you all before it goes live anywhere else, because i appreciate the little community we got built through this newsletter.
I don’t always remember to say this either, but when I ask questions or if you just wanna comment on something from the newsletter feel free to reply with an email, would love to hear what y'all think. I may not always respond but I promise I’ll read it.
Stuff I currently like and stuff I’m looking forward to!
New Huni sample ladies & gentlemen. What do we think
Closing Thoughts
Comparison is the thief of Joy
Much Love, Glue.
Weekly Wrap Up
Designing 10 Posters in 10 Minutes
10 Poster Designs in 10 Minutes
10 Poster Designs in 10 Minutes
Podcast with Geo
Making Money Around the World as a Digital Nomad Designer - GEO
Making Money Around the World as a Digital Nomad Designer - GEO
Get ya Rest
Make time for rest, take it seriously and protect it from a world that is intent on stealing it.
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