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Be More Active IRL

Glue's Letter
Hey Friends
This week has been filled with insight and some realizations. I hope all of you had a nice week and at the very least got something accomplished!
Step Away From The Screen
I feel like we can all agree that designers and artists aren’t exactly the most social humans on the planet. We tend to stay cooped up in our little lairs designing away and only come out to comment “fire bro🔥” on one of our homie’s Instagram posts.
This is all fine for a while and I def love having time to myself to create and execute on the ideas I have. However to get those ideas you need to go out and live life. If you don’t have any experiences you won’t have anything to draw from when it’s time to make shit.
I recently did a podcast with Jackson Green, he is a super talented designer who works with a ton of people in the music industry and is actually the art director for Diplo’s Label Mad Decent. Like many of the people, I interview we get along great and I am stoked to connect more but for the most part, they live distant. The good thing is Jackson is in LA just like me.
Anyway, the point of this is that I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to get coffee with the dude the other day. It went well and honestly it went so well that I wish I made that effort more with creatives I meet that are local. I guess my main lesson here is you need to make an effort to build relationships with people you respect outside of the online world. It’s so easy to think we can substitute quality convos or experiences with quick DMs or nice comments but that stuff is fleeting.
DM that person you look up too and ask them to get coffee.
Talk to your neighbor who you see likes the same stuff as you.
Chop it up with people who seem cool at the bar.
Whatever it is I think we can all benefit from trying just a little bit more IRL. 
Stuff I currently like and stuff I’m looking forward to!
She's a 10 but this is her favorite texture
Closing Thoughts
Try just a little bit harder.
Much Love, Glue.
Design a Music Poster with Me!
Design a Music Poster with Me!
Weekly Wrap Up
You Don’t NEED a Degree in Design
You Don’t NEED a Graphic Design Degree
You Don’t NEED a Graphic Design Degree
Podcast with Jackson Green
Art Direction for Diplo’s Label, Custom Type & Designing on the Go | Jackson Green
Art Direction for Diplo’s Label, Custom Type & Designing on the Go | Jackson Green
Pig Design - Source File also on Patreon
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