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Glue's Letter
Hey Friends
Back at the home base and feeling excited to get back into things.
So as y'all probably saw in my last newsletter I was vacationing in puerto Rico. I went to my partner’s Aunts wedding but the rest of the days were left to explore.
I stayed in a beach town called Aguadilla and then during the daytime activated mostly explored San Juan and even went on this cool tour of the Bacardi distillery. I guess Puerto Rico is the #1 place for Rum.
I don’t wanna bore you with just details about what I did on vacation though lol. It was nice though to turn off things for a while and just hang out during the daytime. I don’t think I’ve stopped working for more than a few days in like almost 2 years now. I def am going to start giving myself more time off like that even if it’s just a staycation at the pad.
In all honestly, though I was excited to come back during the last days of Travelling (Honestly traveling that far in planes fucking sucks, I’m still jet lagged). Anyway, though the feeling of wanting to get back into the lab and design, make videos, podcasts, and all that jazz. if you give yourself a break you create that opportunity for your mind to wander and hopefully if you’re truly passionate about something it will pull you back to what you love. For me that is design and thankfully that is my career too cuz I need to eat.
Ever since all the bullshit changes they have been doing at Instagram it has just seemed to be on a steady decline. Honestly, I’m still posting my work for fun and the occasional reel but not expecting much from it. I see some of my favorite designers being demotivated by the lack of reach on there and it sucks.
Daniel 🗡️
I think it’s safe to say that Instagram for designers and artists is truly dead and buried.

I’m going to have to either become a reel sensation overnight or ditch it all together.
At this point, I’m just going to keep doing my thing and probably focus more of my energy on personal design explorations, YouTube, and now Pinterest!
I made a video you can watch below that further elaborates on all this IG stuff for creatives!
Instagram is Dead! (What Designers Should Do Now)
Instagram is Dead! (What Designers Should Do Now)
Pinterest for Designers??
So I know we all use Pinterest for creating mood boards or sending ideas you love to clients for them to shut em down lol. In all seriousness, though it has been one of my favorite platforms for my own personal use.. until now, I think there is more to done with it.
Pinterest has a creator fund now for US-based creators similar to IG Reels bonus or TikTok, however, it seems to pay a lot more and I think they are pushing stuff heavily so it’s worth checking out. You can follow my Pinterest here or in the link below!
Jesse Nyberg (permanentglue) - Profile | Pinterest
The main reason I was inspired to start posting on there though isn’t as positive. There are a ton of wack design reposts accounts that are stealing people in our design communities’ short form content. I see tons of reels and TikToks reuploaded by these “curation” accounts and now I know why,
It’s bullshit honestly, It would be one thing to just pin content from designers instagram, tiktok or even their website, however, reuploading it for your own gain is just wack.
That is why I am going to be putting the power over my design work and content back into my own hands and posting myself on Pinterest. I urge y'all to check it out too!
Weekly Wrap Up
New Podcast with Katrina Romulo
Designing Awesome Gen Z Brands that Improve Everyday Lives | Katrina Romulo
Designing Awesome Gen Z Brands that Improve Everyday Lives | Katrina Romulo
Reminder to stop using your phone so much
Technology is Destroying Your Creativity!
Technology is Destroying Your Creativity!
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