Glue's Letter

By Jesse Nyberg

Another Fallen Soldier to "modernity"





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Glue's Letter
Hey Friends
Hope you all are doing well. I had a productive week in all 3 zones of the business and that always feels good. Recorded a podcast, edited a youtube video, and got started on a freelance logo design project!
The smoek alarm in question
The smoek alarm in question
As I’m sitting here this morning trying to bust out this newsletter before it goes out, I had plans to write a more lengthy one. However, this fuckin smoke alarm was not going to let that happen. Right, when I was getting into that flow state it starts beeping every 30 seconds and it almost drove me insane. So basically I had to drive to Walgreens and spend 12 DOLLARS on a single 9v battery, if that’s not inflation IDK what is.
Anway def in a little more time crunch now but we’ll see what else I end up writing below haha. On the bright side, I got a cold brew and breakfast sandwich and the way home from the store.
Studio Setup
Woke up like this
Woke up like this
I love doing the podcast but whenever I record with people who are local enough to meet up with me I always feel like I wish I had a space for it. The other day I was tinkering with an in person setup for the podcast in my office, it’s a little small but with the right Hollywood magic, I think it just may work. I already ordered another mic and boom arm which should tide me over until I wanna get crazier with the setup.
I am def nervous though and don’t want the setup to either have to be troubleshot while a guest is here or just flat out not work. The good thing though is Ram (oversettext) is visiting LA in the next few weeks so he will have the honor of being the second in-person guest I’ve done and testing out the brand new setup. So be on the lookout for that and check out Ram’s work if ya haven’t, he just finished up a greater 365 poster-a-day challenge.
What guests would you like to see me have that are local to LA? Also, any of my mutuals out there reading this, feel free to swing by when you’re in town.
Not the Eagles
Every month or so it seems a shitty rebrand happens and the logos that we all have grown to love, get the life sucked out of them to be more “Versatile” or “modern”. I normally don’t care too much but now they had to do it to my eagles.
I have loved the Philadelphia Eagles ever since I was a kid and McNabb, Westbrook, and Terrel Owens were runnings things in Philly. I think the branding is so powerful and aggressive and really helps make the team feel like its own. Sadly yet again they have ruined it with this shitty LA Rams logotype rip-off. Look below how out of place the bird looks with this new typography. Not sure who made this and don’t really wanna put them on blast but I had to see it so now y'all do too lol.
Stuff I currently like and stuff I’m looking forward to!
Closing Thoughts
Fuck Smoke Alarms.
Much Love, Glue.
Weekly Wrap Up
Patreon video about going to design school or not and Pod with Ginklet
Podcast with Ginklet
Ginklet - Creating one of a kind Ceramics | Jesse Nyberg Podcast Ep.78
Ginklet - Creating one of a kind Ceramics | Jesse Nyberg Podcast Ep.78
Tote bag available to high tier patrons!
Poster design for one of my favorite albums of all time. Shoutout to one of the GOATs Buddy Guy.
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