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If there’s something I fight against every day in my life is having focus. I’m a very easy-to-distract person. I might be doing something, and then another thing arises, and I shift my attention to the new thing. I have a lot of ideas, especially when it comes to software. If I face an issue, I start thinking about a tool to solve the issue, and I even set up a base project and add some lines of code. My girlfriend and colleagues told me multiple times:
Pedro, you should take it easier, relax, and enjoy focusing on one single thing at a time.
It used to be ok in the past when that distractful personality wasn’t that apparent, but nowadays it can be stressful. During a day I can shift my attention so many times that at some point my brain can’t focus anymore. It happened to me talking to people and my girlfriend after work and not being able to pay attention. Even not being able to have a normal conversation at all. Have you been there before? Moreover, I end up using my free time using social networks making the matter worse. I watched a short video yesterday about this topic that I’d recommend you to watch:
I think the problem is not having a clear direction in my life, and that leads me to spend time trying different things at the same time. Personally, I feel stuck and things that I’d always wanted to do, like learning German, or reading more never happened. Instead, I spend more time focusing on the professional side of things. I try to learn other programming languages and other paradigms. I try to start off new open source projects, come up with business ideas that I can execute leveraging my experience as a developer. I try many different things but with no focus. I don’t know where I’m going professionally, I don’t know where I’d like to be in a few years, or even if I would like to be doing what I’m doing right now, and that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. 
These days I’m asking myself a lot of questions about where I’d like to be in a few months and years. I’m trying to bring the focus that I never had, and have a plan towards defined goals. For example, If I want to run a business in a couple of years, my steps should be aligned to that. By having the goal in mind, any distraction that might come up won’t distract me. 
There are things that I’d like to definitively work on sooner or later, like the human component in the work environment, or running a business that has some positive impact in our society. It’s hard to find a goal but I have no rush. For now, I’ll focus on gaining experience surrounding myself with great people and learning from them. I’ll avoid multi-focus and keep an eye on what could excite me. As we say in Spain, “quién mucho abarca poco aprieta”, that means, the more hold, the less you squeeze.

How do you keep the focus in your life?
The song of the week
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