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In this newsletter issue, I just talk about entrepreneurship and about what I've noticed that seems t

Viva la vida

August 24 - Issue #4 - View online
A theme-free newsletter where I shape all my thoughts every Sunday. You can expect it to be techie, but I might surprise you with non-techie topics such as life or how to recover from a workout drinking beer.

In this newsletter issue, I just talk about entrepreneurship and about what I’ve noticed that seems to be the recipe for some entrepreneurs to be successfully successful running successful businesses.

I want to be an entrepreneur
The world is full of entrepreneurs nowadays. Entrepreneur seems to be a thing to be: “In a few years I want to be an entrepreneur and run my own business”. How many times have you heard that statement? I did quite a few, especially in the tech industry. The Internet made it easier to create an online business, like websites or apps, where you offer services or provide solutions to common problems.  The internet is the perfect place to make your ideas real, and the formula seems to be pretty easy for some entrepreneurs. This is the recipe that some entrepreneurs that I met with found very handy:

Because you need an idea, don’t you? Book stores are full of inspirational books from other successful entrepreneurs. You can read about Elon Musk and his so popular Teslas, Zuckerberg and how he built Facebook when he was at the University… If you can’t find enough inspiration in “How to be successful” books or Medium articles, you might consider traveling around the world and let nomadism inspire you. Thailand and Bali seem to be very inspiring. Is it Buda who connects with the nomads? Or is it us that living surrounded by heart-melting human values  (that are disappearing in our so developed countries) inspires you?
Without money is hard that you build something. You need services to pay, marketing campaigns to start, and engineers to work on your project, unless you want to get your hands dirty and not being the CEO for some days/weeks/months (don’t worry, you’ll still be the founder). To get money to run your business you don’t need an idea well executed, you don’t need something basic to show, you just need a few slides, and what we call in Spanish, “labia”. According to Wordreference it translates into “gift of the gab” which stands for that person that uses has the speaking skill to convince other people smartly.  Investors will be delighted to hear that you can change the world with your idea, or that you have the next Facebook in your hands. They have millions to invest and they desperately want to invest them, don’t let the opportunity go away! And don’t worry if your idea doesn’t have potential to be profitable, having a business model doesn’t seem to be a requirement for startups nowadays. Get those millions and create a bubble that grows at a good pace. Profitability might come later… or another investment round, who knows?
Engineers & designers
And last but not least you need the people that can design and develop the idea. With so many startups coming up, the number of opportunities and the salaries is increasing. As a developer or designer can just finish your degree and you have a bunch of entrepreneurs out there willing to pay you a salary higher than the average to build something for them. It’s exciting for a dev/des because it’s the first salary, and it’s also for entrepreneurs because they see someone shaping their dreams. Although it’s something good for dev/des wealth-wise, in rare cases they focus on the professional growth and they are seen as a delivery machine: “I’m paying you X from all the money Y that I got from investor Z, so make sure you produce towards changing the world with my idea”. They have to work very hard to keep up with the demand that they are getting, but at the same time to grow and get experience.

With the three things mentioned about you’ll most likely be able to have a website running, an app in the store, a few social accounts and a page in Product Hunt, some stickers, t-shirts that you can share with your close friends and investors, but maybe not an idea that you truly believe in, and that is close to what real people really need.
In my humble opinion, a good source of inspiration is the problems that you’ve gone through, not the problems that you “think” other people have. Making the world and lives better starts by understanding what the problems are, and not by believing we found a solution for a problem that we haven’t even experienced by ourselves. It’s fine if you don’t have such a thing in your life that inspires you. Running a business towards something that you don’t believe in is the worst thing that you can do. You’ll spend money, resources, and energy, and eventually a lot of experience on getting burned out, such that you’ll have a lot of content for writing Medium articles. There’s no formula for your business to be successful (even though there is a shit ton of books that you can read about it). The success comes if you have passion and don’t try to be the one being successful (not your project).
The Internet is growing exponentially. There’s always space for new ideas to make this world better. If you can’t be an entrepreneur today, you might have something that inspires you and leads you to run a business around it in the future. 
If there’s something that I’m learning these days is that when things have come, they come when it’s the right time to come.  Patience is the key in an entrepreneurial world, where if you don’t have an idea you seem to be losing your time.
I hope you have a great week second-half of the week!
Don’t take me wrong. I’m not against being entrepreneur. There are a lot of great ideas and business out there ran with passion. However, I’m against the increasing tendency of having to be entrepreneur, because yeah, I have to create something.

The song of the week
La Belle Mixtape | Laputa | EMBRZ by La Belle Musique | Free Listening on SoundCloud
In one of my workouts, I took this photo of the Brandenburg gate with the sunset behind.
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