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Free AdSense Webinar October 13 @ 5PM Eastern

Hi all,Join me on Wednesday, October 13 at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT when I join Michael Daniels and Heather Kraafter on the Tinkering with Tech show.We will be talking about AdSense and you are free to ask questions in the live chat.After the show, I'll be adding so...


Peggy K's Creator Weekly Issue #9: RSS Feeds in Chrome, YouTube Policy Updates,

This week there are updates for AdSense publishers, YouTube Partners and live streamers, folks using Google Calendar for business and more. Plus a nifty new feature: Chrome for Android now has a basic feed reader option. Have a comment? Head over to the wee...


Peggy K's Creator Weekly Issue #8: YouTube Policy, Google Search's MUM, Meet Caption Translation

This week YouTube banned all vaccine misinformation, Google Meet launched automatically-translated live captions (in beta), and at the Google “Search On 2021” event the company announced improved visual search using MUM AI and Google Lens. In social media C...


Peggy K's Creator Weekly Issue #7: YouTube Chapters, Meet Lighting Adjustment, Chat PWA

Happy Autumn! It won't really cool off here in California for a couple more months, but it still feels like there is change in the air. (And no I don't mean wildfire smoke.)This week there are tips and updates for YouTube, Google Meet, Google Chat, Gmail an...


Peggy K's Creator Weekly Issue #6: YouTube Translation, AdSense Policy, Google Search

This week there are updates for YouTube viewers and creators, AdSense publishers, website owners and more.


Peggy K's Creator Weekly Issue #5: YouTube Community Posts, Chat Spaces, Twitter Communities,

Today is the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. I was fortunate. I didn’t lose family or friends and my life was minimally disrupted. But I will never forget.


Peggy K's Creator Weekly Issue #4: Twitter Super Follow, YouTube Attributions, LinkedIn Stories

This is Labor Day weekend in the United States. It isn’t just the (unofficial) end of summer, or a day to shop the sales. It’s a day to recognize the contributions of US workers. Take the day off if you can! Do you have comments? Or would you rather read th...


Peggy K's Creator Weekly Issue #3: Meet Mod Controls, YouTube Partner Program, Facebook Posts

This week there are new tools for hosting Google Meet meetings, new security requirements for YouTube Partners, information about how Google Search and Instagram Search work, and a (criticized) report on what content is the most popular on Facebook.Plus the...


Peggy K's Tips & Tutorials Issue #2: Backups, YouTube Search, AdSense Optimization

Welcome new subscribers! In today's newsletter you will find three new tutorials, then the August 14th weekly update.I will be experimenting with the format over the coming weeks, so let me know what you think.


Peggy K's Weekly Newsletter: Issue #1

Welcome to the first edition of my Weekly Newsletter via Review! You can find earlier weekly updates on my blog. The format may change in the coming weeks as I experiment with the platform.