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#WeStayLearning Issue #009: Good Work & It's Timelessness

#WeStayLearning Issue #009: Good Work & It's Timelessness
This week I was reminded about the timeless impact of quality work and accompanying good character.
Here’s the story:
Between late 2015 and 2018, my friend - Joyce Imiegha and I ran a digital marketing agency. As hustlers, marketing was not the only service we offered, we also provided branding services, and interestingly, most of the foreign clients we had, came for our branding services.
So there was this consulting company in Scotland that we worked with. I met one of the partners (Mr N) at a summit in Nigeria. We exchanged complimentary cards and later won the contract to help them rebrand; this was late 2016 - 2017. Our designer was John Etokhana, and he was still in University, whilst Joyce was serving in Ibadan, and I was in Benin City, waiting for NYSC. So we did their new logo, cards, brochure, everything they needed, and it was great. 
First Referral
Fast forward a couple of months later, the other partner (P.E) reached out to me that his wife (V.A) needed branding for her company (GCO). This time we charged a little more (because why not?). The power of referrals lies in this:
the referred client is already half convinced of your work quality, so there’s leverage. You don’t have to pitch as much as you would a first client, and you can always charge your best price.
Anyway, we did the work again and moved on. Everyone was happy!
Second Referral
In December 2018, Joyce and I decided to move on from our agency to pursue other things.  Almost a year after, in Nov. 2019, Mrs V.A reached out again stating that she wanted to re-do the logo for the cafe in Aberdeen. Even though we have moved on from the digital marketing agency, I figured we could easily do this one for her because of the relationship we had, so I called John. (Side note: to be honest, even though John is now a product designer, to date, he is still my first call for branding related work.)
We agreed on a price and started working on the logo. My God, this time the work was more demanding. There was a lot of back and forth between us and our clients, but we did the job and completely forgot about it. 
Small World
It gets interesting here; remember when we got the first contract because of Mr N, Joyce was serving in Ibadan while John & I were in Benin. We all later moved to Lagos, and somehow, I found out in 2018 that P.E (Mr N’s partner, whose wife is Mrs V.A) was practically family. Small world indeed!
He visited Lagos sometime during that period and came with the complimentary card and brochure we designed for them. We had designed it, and he had printed it in Scotland, so we had never physically seen it. Gosh! Holding it was an experience. I still have those cards. Anyway, life moved on. 
Present Day - the main gist
Fast forward to the present day - in March 2022. I am visiting Aberdeen to see family who is staying over at P.E’s house; so of course, I am spending a lot of time there. On Sunday night, I & Mrs V.A are talking and she mentions she has a cafe, and I’m like, that’s dope (completely oblivious to the fact that it is the same cafe we did the logo for in 2019). So I ask her about her consulting company, GCO and she tells me about it and goes, “Oh my! The cafe is the one you and your team did the logo for as well!” 
Timeless Impact
I can’t believe it, so I go to my Gmail and search for Cafe Creo, and damn, it is the same. She tells me that the logo on the building is still the same one. I get emotional.
As I write this, I am sitting in Cafe Creo in Aberdeen Scotland and the logo John designed on behalf of my agency is everywhere, on the walls, on the menu, everywhere. I have shared a tear many times today.

When we started this journey in 2016, I never thought I’d live in the UK and so easily visit Scotland. In 2019, I still didn’t think so as well. So to see the work of our hands impact so many locals in a city we have never been to before fills me with so much joy and so much hope for the future.
John said it best:
I love how we have work that we probably don’t know the depth of the impact it’s causing cus look how good this has evolved into so many miles away after so many years, how many locals it may have impacted and us just going about our merry lives not even knowing. Nah, this is actually mad.
There are so many projects I have worked on, some I remember vividly, some - like Cafe Creo - I have forgotten, but I am reminded today, that when you do excellent work, it’d bear fruits. 
The relationship with P.E also reminds me daily to just be a good person because what if we were shitty in our dealing with him and then I found out he was practically family? Shy for kill me die.
Still on Timeless Impact
One of the reasons, I am big on creating content is because evergreen content will always give value.
I still get comments on the content I published three years ago. Heck, yesterday, I received a DM from someone, saying he had been watching my growth marketing videos and he was learning a lot. I haven’t made a video on marketing in at least 12 months.
Last week, someone sent me an email. The subject was a letter to my hero. He said he first met me in 2016 and that has changed his life. He said {PS: I got his permission to share this}:
Before I even decided to get serious with my life, before I ever thought of what to do, I met you and I was inspired. This was 2016 around this same time of the year. Something shifted in me, someone took its first breath that day and it was a desire to be able to follow through on your journey till I’d get a privilege to stand next to you (no, I’m not talking about marriage). Thank you for your YT videos, each episode, each random thought documented. Thank you for your writing, each piece; is an insight into your soul.
Thank you for the Founder’s Connect series, lighting a beacon of hope with every episode I watch, I’ve been lazy with this, but all the same, inspired. Thank you for the Vulnerability Podcast; it’s a pointer that strength is not always macho. Strength can be found even in the periods where you break down and the world seems so loud. That you’re able to walk shoulder’s squared even with tears welling behind your eyelids; that’s strength. It has no gender, complexion, or mould, it is diverse and exists in 8 billion different shades. Being human is strength, being vulnerable is strength. 
My life experiences constantly remind me that if you do great work, you’d impact people. It can be with a logo on a cafe where people eat and work from. It could be an insight that helps someone builds their business or career or whatever, as long as it is good work, it will reflect favourably on you.
Selfless work and a great character will always go further and speak for you before you even get a chance to be in the room.
I hope that in another four, five, ten years, I’d still be seeing the work of my hands bearing fruit and just thriving even if I am no longer in that company or in that line of work.
And even if I stop creating content tomorrow or stop teaching, I am confident that in years, people will still get value from my work. This I will be eternally grateful for.
PS: Shoutout to Tega Gabriel, Mudia David and Kehinde who at some point were core team members of Rene.
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