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#WeStayLearning Issue 001: Growth is multidimensional

#WeStayLearning Issue 001: Growth is multidimensional
Let’s Learn Together, One Lesson Every Week: Career, Productivity, Marketing, Friendship, Life & Business

Growth is multidimensional
I absolutely adore my YouTube channel because it is one of the most authentic expressions of who I am. I am multifaceted with many interests, and somehow, I have managed to show all of me on YouTube. I have videos on Business, Marketing, Tech Entrepreneurship (#FoundersConnect), Life lessons, Travel etc.; if it matters to me and I think it’d inspire someone, I’d most likely make a video about it. And that’s what I want my newsletter to be as well.
I know most newsletters have a niche but this one will be different. Here, I just want to write about what I learn or relearn every week.
I am doing this for three reasons:
  1. To write more and be accountable for writing more: I used to have a blog where I wrote about myself, the things I was experiencing and learning, and I consistently did that from 2013 to 2017. Since then, I haven’t written much, but I want 2022 to be different. I want to find my writing mojo again, and the best way I know how to do that is to put myself under pressure and make myself accountable. Hence, a newsletter (this is as public as it could get). So here I am, promising to publish one newsletter every Tuesday till Dec 31st.
  2. I want to keep track of what I learn: I am an avid and dynamic learner. I learn from conversations, movies, podcasts, YouTube, and my work - really, anything and everything. Sometimes, it’s something entirely new; other times, it’s a relearning or a realization; it is understanding a concept better or getting insight into something I knew before. Sometimes, it’s growth and marketing; other times, it is product strategy or sex & relationships, or friendships, career, history, politics, business, or just life in general. And so, this year, I want to keep track - of at least one thing that I learn or relearn - every week. Writing will help me keep track!
  3. Most importantly, I hope you learn with (from) me. I hope it inspires you. I hope you get just a little better because you decided to read from me every week.
I promise to prioritize simplicity and authenticity. No bullshits, no complexities, and no fluff.
Oh yes! The newsletter’s title is #WeStayLearning because, hey, it’s me and you, learning consistently every week. But also because it was the winner of my poll (across Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. You all chose #WeStayLearning. So let’s learn!).
Now, that said, here’s Lesson 1 (inspired by a conversation).
Growth is multidimensional
This topic is a perfect reflection of what this newsletter is about - multifariousness & versatility.
As a Head of Growth, one of the things I remind myself every week is that real product growth is a result of different efforts: from customer success to product quality, marketing, activation and engagement efforts, branding, company culture etc. Every touchpoint and aspect of the product and company directly or indirectly affects growth.
You can’t think of product growth as one-dimensional. You can’t focus only on acquisition and ignore activation or retention; or focus on retention but not acquiring new users. Neither can marketing give the best result without a reliable product or product scale massively without any marketing effort.
In the same vein, we human beings are as beautiful as we are complex. We are not just one thing, particularly for those who want to live a balanced and fulfilled life. And so, it becomes increasingly important to think about your personal growth across different aspects.
It is easy to get lost in thinking about growing in one area of your life, e.g. getting a new job or a promotion, investing more, increasing your influence, posting more on social media, and lots more. It is very easy to set goals around your career or business, but the real growth is not just your career, business or brand. It is also the quality of your relationships, your mental & physical wellbeing.
I have always known this. In my head, I know this, but that doesn’t mean I was actively living in that reality. Not until recently when I connected a with ‘career’ coach. Every time we talk, she reiterates how important it is for me to pay attention to other areas of my life as closely as I do to my career because “it is the person who makes the career. If I am not whole and I do not nurture every part of me, at some point, either it would begin to affect my output at work, or I’d just not be happy.
And so now, I am learning to become more deliberate about my 360 growth because I am such a magnificent and multidimensional person, and every part of me deserves nurturing. 
So think about it:
Is the quality of your thinking improving? Are you able to curate safe spaces for yourself? Are you able to ask for rest when you need it? Can you recognize when you need rest? Can you stay away from people, places and things that trigger you? Are you exercising? Are you eating well? Are you doing better in your relationships with people, family and friends? Do you track your growth in these seemingly minor areas? 
These are all the things that make us fully functioning human beings that can live their best lives to the fullest.
So, here’s a call for you to reevaluate your 2022 goals and resolutions: What areas of your life are you currently ignoring, and how can you become much more deliberate about them.
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