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Let's Learn Together, One Lesson Every Issue: Career, Productivity, Marketing, Friendship, Life & Business.

Let's Learn Together, One Lesson Every Issue: Career, Productivity, Marketing, Friendship, Life & Business.

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#WeStayLearning Issue #020 - Stories Are Powerful

Stories Are Powerful.Whenever I watch a new Founders Connect video, this sentence comes to mind: 'Stories are Powerful." I like how all the founders we interview come from different backgrounds and do incredible things with their lives, inspiring people like …


#WeStayLearning Issue #019: What If

In the reality where she gets pregnant, her parents are not entirely happy with her because she and the baby daddy had to move in with them. After giving birth, she battles postpartum depression and stops drawing at some point. She and Gabe do really well for…


#WeStayLearning Issue #018: Feeling Stuck

Your life can change in a single day. People win reality shows like BBNaija, and their lives change forever. People make friends that transform their future trajectories. We all have different timelines, so comparing yourself to others is probably not the bes…


#WeStayLearning Issue #017: Cycling in Amsterdam

I visited Amsterdam last weekend, and one of the major things on my to-do list was riding a bicycle around the city. I enjoy cycling but do not do it enough to be very confident, yet everyone says Amsterdam is the city to explore on a bike, so I was going to …


#WeStayLearning Issue #016: Symptoms Versus Root Cause

Here's a story for you:Last week, I fell very ill. At first, I thought it was the flu, so I started treating myself for flu symptoms. I took vitamins, ate fruits and vegetables, and drank smoothies. In addition, I got a nasal inhaler and Strepsils for the cat…


#WeStayLearning Issue #015: Four things I learned from Sean Ellis.

This newsletter is sponsored by Africhange.com, a remittance app for people living in Canada to send money to Nigeria. With the Africhange App, you can send money within minutes and with the best exchange rate to and fro Canada & Nigeria. What this means …


#WeStayLearning Issue #14: When you can do many things

I'm rooting for you.


#WeStayLearning: Issue #013: On Decision Making

So I have been asking myself what has changed. I have been able to identify four things and thought to share:Growth/exposure to new knowledge:The first thing that hit me when I started digging deep to find out what is different about how I approach decisions …


#WeStayLearning Issue #012: One year post-Japa

One year ago yesterday, my flight landed at Heathrow. I had packed up all the relevant belongings I had as an adult in Lagos and decided to move to the UK (a place I had never visited before) to begin the next phase of my adulthood and career.I shared on my p…


#WeStayLearning Issue #011: 8 Lessons From 40+ Interviews

For those of you that do not know, Founders Connect is a series that spotlights innovative founders and key operators in the tech ecosystem in Africa. The mission is to document the history of Africa’s startup evolution, the key players, their journeys, the o…


#WeStayLearning Issue #010: Silence the voices

For example, on Saturday, I recorded six new videos including the one above; but before I did, it was a struggle. I was going to do it on Friday but spent it watching movies and telling myself that I was recovering from jetlag. Then I said I was going to do i…


#WeStayLearning Issue #009: Good Work & It's Timelessness

When we started this journey in 2016, I never thought I'd live in the UK and so easily visit Scotland. In 2019, I still didn't think so as well. So to see the work of our hands impact so many locals in a city we have never been to before fills me with so much…


#WeStayLearning Issue #008 - Mastery

In the last nine months, I have spent about 15 minutes with my orthodontist every four weeks or so. I pay  £99 each time I see him. That's right, 15 minute-dental visits at  £99. At first, I was like, 'what are we doing here that I am paying this much for a 1…


#WeStayLearning Issue #007: Small Steps

That's the power of small steps. That's the power of making an effort and just showing up, and when you do this for a long time, you look back one day and boom! So much progress; this is precisely what has happened to me. The little things you do today compou…


#WeStayLearning Issue #006: My POV vs Your POV

PPS: The first time I heard the word nepotism, it was in a negative context, and that stayed with me. But, in recent times, I'm afraid I have to disagree with that context. Of course, favouritism without merit is very problematic, but when you know excellent …


#WeStayLearning Issue #005: Thoughts are things

Thoughts are thingsOur thoughts are as tangible as words written on paper. Everything that we can see, hold, touch, use, read all started as a thought. And so if you can think it, it can be. In fact, once you have thought it, it is already; all that's left is…


#WeStayLearning Issue #004: Losing Time

I am currently reading Paul Graham's Essays, and the one that struck me the most this week is titled How to Lose Time and Money. It talks about how many of us have built alarms that warn us when we are becoming too self-indulgent, like spending too much money…


#WeStayLearning Issue 003: Inventing Yourself

Hey folks, how's your week coming? Good, I hope. So I watched Inventing Anna over the weekend, and honestly, I was very impressed. The show is about Anna Sorokin, a Russian-German convicted fraudster who pretended to be a wealthy German heiress to defraud ban…


#WeStayLearning Issue 002: Becoming Rejection Resilient

Two weeks ago, someone sent me a link to a Studio in London for Founders who create content. He said, "I feel like this is something you might want to build someday," and I responded, "oh yes! but it's also something that I could use in my life right now."A s…


#WeStayLearning Issue 001: Growth is multidimensional

I absolutely adore my YouTube channel because it is one of the most authentic expressions of who I am. I am multifaceted with many interests, and somehow, I have managed to show all of me on YouTube. I have videos on Business, Marketing, Tech Entrepreneurship…