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Weekly Brief on Gun Violence Prevention in Philadelphia

Weekly Brief on Gun Violence Prevention in Philadelphia
Each Wednesday morning we share news, research, data, opinions and community responses related to gun violence and prevention in Philadelphia.

Making plans for 2022.
Making plans for 2022.
New year at the Center
• We’ve got a lot going on. So, we recently published updates outlining what we’ve been doing during 2021 and our plans for the new year. [PCGVR/PCGVR vid WeDidIt]
Christmas in Philadelphia
Parents of gun violence victim hold Christmas dinner for siblings who have lost loved ones
• Volunteers expanded to six neighborhoods, organized peace patrols and declared a holiday stand-down from gun violence in Philadelphia. [@partnersNpeace/CBS3]
• Families gathered at graves of loved ones lost to gun violence before joining holiday celebrations. [The Philadelphia Inquirer]
Still committed
• Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon posted a message of thanks to her supporters one day after she was carjacked at gunpoint inside FDR Park in South Philadelphia and reaffirmed her commitment to deliver violence prevention resources to her district. [@RepMGS]
Forging peace
• Artist and activist Shane Claiborne says he will take any gun off your hands and transform it into a garden tool of your choice. [CBS3/RAWtools Philadelphia]
Solution of the Week
• Experts said the city needs to analyze the reasons for gun violence and focus on people most likely to become shooters. [The Philadelphia Inquirer]
Learning from Chicago
• The city announced plans to pilot a local modal of the READI Chicago system in Philadelphia next year, which they say will “expand existing resources for extremely high-risk individuals to connect them with positive influences, meaningful careers, and trauma supports.” [WHYY/READI CHICAGO]
“Prevention should certainly be a part of battling our violence pandemic. But so too should we better see and respond to the traumatic aftermath. How else can we begin the healing and bolster the resilience of grieving people, many of whom are children?” - Anne Gemmell in The Philadelphia Citizen
By the numbers
• This week’s citywide major crimes report shows 50 people shot during the seven-day period ending Sunday, up from 47 during the previous week and representing the highest weekly total recorded since early October. Police recorded 2,296 shooting victims in the city this year through Sunday, running 2.5% ahead of last year’s pace. [Philadelphia Police via Google Drive/PCGVR]
Source: Philadelphia Police. Visualization: PCGVR.
Source: Philadelphia Police. Visualization: PCGVR.
• Police are now reporting 555 total homicides in Philadelphia this year-to-date, running 13 percent ahead of last year’s pace and now amounting to twice the year-end total recorded in 2016. []
• Four young men were wounded in a drive-by shooting Sunday. This was the 24th shooting incident to leave four or more people wounded or killed this year in Philadelphia, down from 31 recorded during 2020, according to media reports. [6ABC/Gun Violence Archive]
• A spate of shootings wounded or killed nine people in just a few hours starting Monday night. We tracked reports of 10 shooting victims last Thursday night. [The Philadelphia Inquirer/@pgcvr]
• Although car break-ins in Philadelphia have stayed flat for years, car break-ins that yield guns have shot up 37% this year, according to police data. [The Philadelphia Inquirer]
Gun Violence in 2021, By the Numbers
New research
• Homicide was the leading cause of death among youths who were incarcerated, with mortality rates highest in those who were male, Black, and between the ages of 15 and 21 years. Formerly incarcerated females were also at heightened risk of all-cause mortality, homicide, and overdose. [JAMA Network]
• Researchers interviewed 45 adults with pediatric-onset spinal cord injuries, 23 occurring as a result of firearms. They found that nearly 90% of participants with non-violent injuries went on to attend some college, compared to less than 60% of those who were injured by firearms. [Michigan Health Lab]
In the news
Gun culture and the Poconos: Series told stories of the good, bad and ugly when it comes to firearms
Threat assessment
• Threats against schools across the region were prevalent in recent weeks. Experts say families can manage worries by examining the facts. [The Philadelphia Inquirer]
In memoriam
Kiz’mek Allison to Darnell Tyreek Wheeler |
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