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Weekly Brief on Gun Violence Prevention in Philadelphia

Weekly Brief on Gun Violence Prevention in Philadelphia
Each Wednesday morning we share news, research, data, opinions and community responses related to gun violence and prevention in Philadelphia.

Credible Messengers Report
“They Don’t Care About Us” or Do They?
“They Don’t Care About Us” or Do They?
• Philadelphia gunshot survivor Oronde McClain shares intimate and informative conversations with three other local survivors in the latest documentary from the Credible Messenger Reporting Project: “They Don’t Care About Us” or Do They? [PCGVR]
• Meet Oronde this Friday in Bala Cynwyd with Joshua Horwitz of the Center for Gun Violence Solutions at the Johns Hopkins, or attend free online. [JFCS Philly via]
From 6ABC's new Gun Violence Solutions project: Maxayn Gooden with her son JahSun Patton, who she lost to gun violence in 2017. Maxayn also participated in the Credible Messenger Reporting Project here at the Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting and is now our Community Engagement Manager.
From 6ABC's new Gun Violence Solutions project: Maxayn Gooden with her son JahSun Patton, who she lost to gun violence in 2017. Maxayn also participated in the Credible Messenger Reporting Project here at the Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting and is now our Community Engagement Manager.
• Several past participants in our Credible Messenger Reporting Project had the chance to share their own stories in a series of reports on Gun Violence Solutions now available 6ABC’s new web page: Building in Better Together: Combating Gun Violence.
• Watch for Ahmad Mitchell, Alisha Laws, Maxayn Gooden, Solomon Jones, Tamara “POC” Russell, Yolanda Dugger and other experts from the community.
• Segments:
Audio Documentary: "Stronger Every Day"
Kouvenda Media
They say your life can change in an instant. “Stronger Every Day: Healing After Gun Violence” is the story of that moment for one family, and how they’re surviving the devastating consequences of a single bullet. Coming June 8.
“Stronger Every Day: Healing After Gun Violence” is a collaborative production that has grown out of our Credible Messenger Reporting Project. Listen to the trailer now and come back for the complete audio documentary next Tuesday. [@KouvendaMedia]
Demanding action
Teen gun violence coalition issues call to action based on survey data
Rally calls for stronger legislation
Philly Black Clergy, allies call for more money for gun violence prevention
School walkout
Sammy Caiola
Students from Sankofa Freedom Academy are gathered at City Hall, crying for stricter gun laws. Follow at ⁦@WHYYNews
By the numbers
Philadelphia Police data via PCGVR
Philadelphia Police data via PCGVR
61: People shot last week in Philadelphia, up from 59 shooting victims recorded one week earlier.
40: Shooting victims struck at 28 locations during the holiday weekend in Philadelphia.
911: Total Philadelphia shooting victims reported to police this year through Monday.
209: Year-to-date total homicides reported to Philadelphia Police through last night.
95: Year-to-date homicides recorded in Philadelphia as of the same date in 2014.
500: Percent increase in carjackings since 2019, based on current projections for this year in Philadelphia.
71: Percentage of 1,300 Philadelphia high school student survey respondents who said better gun laws are a possible solution to gun violence.
9: Age of youngest person shot to death in Philadelphia during the past week. A four-year-old was wounded in a separate incident.
70: Estimated shots fired during an incident that killed one man and wounded another Monday evening near Temple University.
1,141,413: Lawfully-purchased or transferred firearms recorded in Pennsylvania during 2020, representing a 49 percent increase over the prior year.
Local trauma doctors speak
“We experience mass shootings in Philadelphia… I’d like to see the same concern and the same outrage about shootings that happen here… and the same discussion around solutions.” - PCGVR Director of Research Dr. Jessica H. Beard
• Temple Medical School Interim Dean and trauma surgeon Dr. Amy Goldberg discusses gun violence prevention programs at Temple Hospital. [YouTube]
Mark your calendars
NJ Gun Violence Research Center
Twitter Space, June 3rd @ 1pm with
@NJGVRC executive director, Mike Anestis and the @RockGunResearch interim executive director, Jaclyn Schildkraut. Join the conversation on...
"Changing the way we talk and respond to mass shootings."
• June 3 in Haddon Heights: Kick-Off Rally for 8th Annual National Gun Violence Awareness Day. []
Councilmember Brooks to hold Restore our City event
New collaboration
More patrols and a new social program aim to fight Philly violence
Harrisburg update
House Votes Against Taking Up Gun Bill
Senate Democrats Call on Republicans to Immediately Prioritize Gun Violence Prevention
Gun control polls: Where Pennsylvanians stand
“How many more children must die before we actually take meaningful action?“ - Pennsylvania Governor Wolf
School shootings
Principal Recovery Network
On the media
“Journalists: one great thing you can do right now is when you do a gun violence segment pair a mass shooting person like me with a person who lost someone to daily violence - drive the message home that we lose 120 every day and these other families don’t get any coverage.” - Nelba Márquez-Greene, mother of Sandy Hook victim
• It’s not easy to report on relentless gun violence but healthy journalists are better journalists. [Dart Center/IJNET/Poynter]
• The unrelenting pace of mass shooting events in the U.S. has made it harder for a single event to rally the country’s attention. [AXIOS]
Missouri solutions reporting project concludes
Kaitlin Washburn
When the Missouri Gun Violence Project started, we thought we understood how much of a crisis gun violence is. But two years of reporting later, we not only proved ourselves wrong, but also realized how far behind news organizations are on accurately covering the issue.🧵@KCStar
• The last two reporters shared important threads as “Seeking Solutions: Gun Violence in Missouri” comes to a close. The complete body of work is available behind a metered paywall. Several members of our team had the great fortune of attending their advisory board meetings. [@kwashy12/@HumeraLodhi/]
• Dr. Jennifer Midberry introduced research organized at our Center during the International Communication Association Conference in Paris earlier this week. Dr. Jessica Beard briefly discussed preliminary findings during a recent virtual panel. [@PCGVR/YouTube]
How could mass shootings be prevented?
• Students exposed to school shootings face ‘lasting, persistent’ adversity in their educational and long-term economic outcomes. [Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research]
Athletes in action
Alejandro Bedoya leads Union protest against gun violence
Faith community
Sharing grief can help us heal after mass shootings
You can make a difference
In memoriam
Visit the Center
The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting
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The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting

Better gun violence reporting could enhance public understanding and support for effective programs and policies to prevent shootings and hopefully save lives. But what does the most ethical, impactful and empathetic reporting look like?

The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting was launched to explore the hypotheses that changing the practice of news reporting can prevent gun violence. Since then, our research has refined this focus by identifying harmful reporting practices, asking what best practices would look like and how they could be implemented. Now, we have organized our work into three closely-aligned programs:


Our community reporting project trains, compensates and empowers people impacted by gun violence in Philadelphia to produce and distribute news reports on its root causes, their lived experience and possible solutions from the community perspective, with guidance from professional journalists.


Our interdisciplinary research collaborative is exploring the intersection of gun violence, impacted communities and the media. Our Director of Research Dr. Jessica H. Beard is a trauma surgeon who cares for gunshot patients at Temple University Hospital and researches public health at Temple’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine. Her work is supported by a three-year Stoneleigh Foundation Fellowship.


Our professional development program strives to help journalists covering gun violence find a more diverse selection of experts, the most reliable data, evidence-based solutions, inspiring past reporting, strategies for community engagement, professional networking opportunities and additional resources. Representatives from every major Philadelphia news organization have participated.


We strive to model ourselves after other organizations that have dramatically advanced the practice of journalism. Within five years, we hope to support a small staff with a long runway for continuing operations and a strategic plan for sustainability.

Until then, we plan to continue supporting voices from the community, publishing research that informs best practices and building networks of journalists who believe we can all do better, make a difference and stop the violence.

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