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Weekly Brief on Gun Violence Prevention in Philadelphia

Weekly Brief on Gun Violence Prevention in Philadelphia
Each Wednesday morning we share news, research, data, opinions and community responses related to gun violence and prevention in Philadelphia.

Hot spots by street block are highlighted in this section of a map of Philadelphia shooting victims recorded since the beginning of 2015. Twenty-three people have been shot during this period on one block of Kensington Avenue, just south of Allegheny Avenue. [Philadelphia Office of the Controller]
Hot spots by street block are highlighted in this section of a map of Philadelphia shooting victims recorded since the beginning of 2015. Twenty-three people have been shot during this period on one block of Kensington Avenue, just south of Allegheny Avenue. [Philadelphia Office of the Controller]
Crisis map enhanced
• Clicking on “All Years” at top-right on “Mapping Philadelphia’s Gun Violence Crisis” now displays nearly 10,000 nonfatal shootings and more than 2,400 fatal shootings recorded in Philadelphia since January 1, 2015. [Philadelphia Office of the Controller]
Check your sources
Frequently Asked Questions About Permitless Carry
Gun Violence Misinformation Panel Speaks to Creating Informed Policy Debate
On the media
“If you think back just a few years ago, maybe a decade ago, mass shooter’s images would be all over the place, all over news coverage on cable television. There would be quick and widespread sharing of their so-called manifestos.” - Journalist Mark Follman on NPR
Updates from Philadelphia
Philadelphia police ask for $24 million boost in next year’s budget, citing gun violence prevention efforts
• Press release: City of Philadelphia Selected to Participate in a National League of Cities’ Initiative to Advance Community Safety. [ via Mailchimp]
Domb calls for audit of anti-violence community grant program
Call the HopeLine
“Every time there’s death or a shooting- there is a child or children that are connected to that loss. … We were getting calls once a week, I’d say, from another school who had lost a young person.” - Darcy Walker Krause of Philadelphia’s Uplift Center for Grieving Children 
As Mother's Day approaches
• Four Philadelphia moms wrote about losing their sons to gun violence in the latest entries published by the “Life Inside” series from the Marshall Project. []
• Reminder: Mothers in Charge is planning a peace walk and rally this Thursday, in advance of Mothers Day. [eventbrite]
Men Who Care
Men Who Care Of Germantown Inc. Mentors Students As Gun Violence Rises In Philadelphia
Hundreds Join Men Who Care Of Germantown Inc. To March Against Gun Violence In Philadelphia
Former Eagles star speaks out
Troy Vincent: I grew up around domestic violence. It’s time for men to do their part.
Community in action
Philadelphia gun violence: Community gathers to discuss violence prevention efforts
City's youth want a seat at the table
Gun violence prevention journalism, cont'd:
• You can listen on Twitter Spaces to WHYY’s community conversation from yesterday on “Getting to the Root: Addressing the Cultural Causes of Gun Violence.” Follow them on Twitter for a link to next Tuesday’s session. [Twitter Spaces/@WHYYNews]
New resource
• There’s a whole section on gun safety on the new “How to Philly” site. []
Mark your calendars
• The PHIGHT Network announced a new event series:
Killed by police
• A former Philadelphia Police officer has been charged with the murder of a 12-year-old after prosecutors said he fired the fatal shot from near-point blank range while the boy was on the ground and unarmed. [The Philadelphia Inquirer]
Thomas Siderio’s Family Reacts To Arrest Of Former Philadelphia Police Officer
By the numbers
39: People shot last week in Philadelphia. The previous week’s total was revised up from 23 to 31 shooting victims.
200: People shot during April in Philadelphia, up from 152 shooting victims recorded one month earlier and up from 167 in April, 2021. On average, 109 people were shot in the city during the month of April from 2015 through 2020.
696: Total Philadelphia shooting victims reported to police this year through Monday, slightly ahead of last year’s pace.
159: Year-to-date total homicides reported to Philadelphia Police through last night.
73: Year-to-date homicides recorded in Philadelphia as of the same date in 2015.
78,668: Estimated number of guns sold last month in Pennsylvania, up four percent from the previous month but down 19 percent from the same month last year.
11,000: Weapons sold from six Philadelphia gun shops between 2014 and 2020 and later recovered in criminal investigations or confiscated from owners who had obtained them illegally.
728: Road rage incidents involving guns in the U.S. last year, resulting in 132 deaths and 390 injuries. That’s up slightly from 2020.
124: Average daily number of people who died from gun violence in the U.S. during 2020, according to a new report. Firearm homicides increased 35 percent in 2020, with nearly 5,000 more homicides compared to 2019.
41: Percent increase in youth carrying handguns from 2002 to 2019, particularly among rural, White and higher-income adolescents.
40: Percent increase in suicide risk for women when her cohabitant brings his handgun into their home.
Hospitals helping
Emotional trauma from Philadelphia gun violence spurs added hospital services
Scott Charles
#Hiring Temple University Hospital is expanding its Victim Advocates program to better support violently-injured patients and is looking for a qualified case manager to join its team of hospital-based responders. Click the link below for more information.
Updates from Harrisburg
Memorial honors 102 victims of gun violence in Harrisburg area; More than 70 of whom died in the city
Pennsylvania’s violent crime rate went up 27 percent and the homicide rate went up 49 percent during 2020, the last year for which FBI data is available. []
Governor Wolf last week called on Pennsylvania’s General Assembly to take action on commonsense gun violence laws. He also announced that the state intends to morrow new federal ghost gun regulations. []
On Monday, Wolf announced a new statewide technical assistance initiative to support local gun violence prevention efforts. []
State Rep. Isabella Fitzgerald discussed the Safe Communities Grant Program, which would provide funding for communities to install lighting and security cameras around schools, playgrounds, community centers and high-crime areas. Fees on licenses to carry firearms and firearm purchases would fund the program. []
State Rep. Kevin Boyle of Philadelphia is proposing legislation to prohibit the sale, use, purchase or possession of large capacity ammunition magazines. [Pennsylvania Capital-Star/
Looking to seniors
A key to stop teen violence could be wisdom from elders
• The pandemic period was associated with a 15.0 percent increase in firearm-related incidents, a 34.3 percent increase in firearm-related nonfatal injuries, and a 28.4 percent increase in firearm-related deaths. []
One city's price tag
DC gun violence: Each fatal shooting costs over $1.5 million, study says
Watch and learn
• The Acenda Institute of Health Innovation is hosting a Gun Violence Summit in Glassboro, NJ next week. You can attend for free online. []
Solution(s) of the Week
5 Ways to Reduce Gun Violence
In memoriam
Jerwayne Hunter, 39, 'gentle giant' who protected his family
Crime Fighters: Who killed Daniel "Danny" Puskas?
A Mother's View: 'I don't have no dad'
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