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Weekly Brief on Gun Violence Prevention in Philadelphia

Weekly Brief on Gun Violence Prevention in Philadelphia
Each Wednesday morning we share news, research, data, opinions and community responses related to gun violence and prevention in Philadelphia.

On reporting gun violence
Philadelphia gun violence solutions bubble up from the neighborhood
“History shows that the public is easily spooked by the specter of crime, and debates over our response to it are largely influenced by the day’s headlines and corresponding bursts of outrage and fear.” – Journalist and previous Everytown research director Ted Alcorn
Journalists reflect on a second conversation about crime and violence coverage
Join the conversation
• Next week’s gun violence media narratives panel has expanded to include the founders of Mothers in Charge and Philly Truce. More than 100 people have registered to participate but you can still sign up for free. [eventbrite
Creating space
• Another free virtual event will explore the transformative power of art and storytelling in building resilience and supporting trauma survivors in communities impacted by gun violence, thanks again to coordinator Terrance Pitts. [eventbrite/FirelightMedia]
Following up
‘I Am Different Now’: A Doctor Reflects on Treating Trauma After Confronting Gun Violence Firsthand
Listen and learn
Episode 3 of "What Our City Needs" lifts the voices of eight teens discussing what it's like to grow up amid Philadelphia's gun violence crisis. [ AL DÍA News Media via YouTube]
Episode 3 of "What Our City Needs" lifts the voices of eight teens discussing what it's like to grow up amid Philadelphia's gun violence crisis. [ AL DÍA News Media via YouTube]
Violence Takes a Toll on Children
Philly police say social media a catalyst for gun violence among young people
Gathering feedback
Philly's plan to treat gun violence as a public health crisis is getting an update with ideas from the community
• Chalkbeat Philadelphia is asking Philadelphia teachers, parents and students to share how they have been affected by gun violence. [Chalkbeat/Google Forms]
“If (Philadelphia Mayor Kenney) would just declare a state of emergency, that will be some relief for them (grieving parents). … They will at least realize that he understands the severity of what’s going on.” - The Rev. Robert Collier, president of the Black Clergy of Philadelphia
Under arrest
• The Philadelphia Police Department will fire an officer who was arrested last week for allegedly giving false statements during an illegal weapons arrest last year. [The Philadelphia Inquirer]
By the numbers
44: Shooting victims reported to Philadelphia Police during the seven-day period ending Sunday, up from 35 people shot in the city during the previous week.
114: Shooting victims recorded during the first 21 days of this month in Philadelphia.
94: Year-to-date fatal shootings reported in Philadelphia through March 21.
112: Year-to-date total homicides reported to Philadelphia Police through Monday night.
44: Year-to-date homicides recorded in Philadelphia as of the same date in 2013.
70,789: Applications for the license to carry a firearm received in Philadelphia during 2021; six times the average recorded in recent years.
41: Percentage of people treated for violent injuries who later return to the emergency room with a gunshot wound in some urban settings.
100: Weapons confiscated by police in Miami Beach during spring break.
100: Annual U.S. mass shooting milestone surpassed last weekend. Hawaii suffered its first mass shooting since the Gun Violence Archive began tracking them in 2012.
28: People shot at a car show in Arkansas Saturday night.
In conversation
“The notion that the way you’re going to solve shootings is arresting people for guns is missing the point. The way you solve shootings is arrest people for shootings. The way you solve homicides by gun is by solving homicides by gun.” - Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner
Shootings near Temple
• Four people were shot Friday night in two incidents close to the main campus of Temple University, which has now posted alerts related to 14 shootings incidents since the first of the year. [NBC/FOX29/@TempleUniv]
• More than 300 businesses, homeowners and renters in West Philadelphia will be will be provided with free video cameras and installation by Project Safe Corridors. [CBS3]
• A drone technology founder says law enforcement agencies should be required to share data about their use. [The Crime Report]
Aaron Chalfin
Can the effect of street lighting on public safety endure over time? In a new paper w/ @dmitre88, @tahamonster & @jd_lerner, we report results from a 3 yr follow-up of the first RCT of street lighting. Large treatment effects endure three years later! 👇
Campus carry
“I’m here to tell you from first-hand experience that university students make very poor decisions on a daily basis, sometimes hourly basis. Adding guns to an already high-risk environment of alcohol, drugs, overreaction, lack of life experience and immaturity is a very dangerous combination.” - Arizona State University police chief
In memoriam
Camden Police Still Don’t Know Why Young Father Darnell Farrish Was Killed
Sierra Jenkins: A bright light put out too soon
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