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Weekly Brief on Gun Violence Prevention in Philadelphia

Weekly Brief on Gun Violence Prevention in Philadelphia
Each Wednesday morning we share news, research, data, opinions and community responses related to gun violence and prevention in Philadelphia.

Eli Capella photographed by Ronald Gray. From "Humanity behind the headlines: Black men on surviving in Philly."
Eli Capella photographed by Ronald Gray. From "Humanity behind the headlines: Black men on surviving in Philly."
Credible Messengers Report
• The latest report produced with support from our Credible Messenger Reporting Project was published last week, including the photograph at the top of this page. In words and pictures: “Humanity behind the headlines: Black men on surviving in Philly.” [WHYY/PCGVR]
“The city needs an equity-based response that acknowledges the historical racism and classism that lead to these numbers, and the unique community trauma they leave behind. … The violence continues because people who get to go to safe homes continue their turf battles while we continue to die.”  
– Bill McKinney, New Kensington Community Development Corporation
Lessons from Philadelphia
What an Analysis of 2,000 Shootings Tells Us About How to End Gun Violence
Mixed signals
• A Philadelphia ordinance requiring gun owners to tell police when a gun is lost or stolen was ruled illegal by a state court but one of the judges voting to throw out the law expressed some concerns. [WHYY]
Activist honored
• Philadelphia City Councilmember Jamie Gauthier introduced a resolution honoring Jamal Johnson and called him “one of Philly’s boldest antiviolence advocates,” in celebration of Black History Month. [@CouncilmemberJG]
On the record
“If we’re not on the same page, then OK, you continue to do what it is you’re doing over there, but for the Philadelphia Police Department, we will maintain our priorities.” – Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw discussing a “different principle” in the D.A.‘s Office
• The latest info from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Transparency Analytics (DATA) Lab shows many fewer arrest than incidents of homicide and non-fatal shootings but with cases charged nearly equal to the number of arrest. []
Real talk
Sam Sessoms is playing this Penn State season with a heavy heart
Identifying causes
“Gun violence is a symptom; it is not the overarching problem. If we do not look at the issues of poverty, poor access to mental and behavioral health, poor access to quality education and training and economic mobility, we are going to continue to have these conversations every 15 to 20 years.” – Erica Atwood, senior director for the city’s Office of Policy and Strategic Initiatives for Criminal Justice and Public Safety
On the case
Sammy Caiola
Week 1 at @whyy covering gun violence as a health issue. The city's putting $ toward solutions, I'm studying the plans. What will it take to save lives? Share ideas here or to
• WHYY’s new gun violence prevention reporter started last week. [@SammyCaiola]
Line of duty
• A Philadelphia Police officer was shot in his bulletproof vest while serving a drug-related search warrant Friday. At least eight more police officers were shot in incidents reported across the U.S. on the same day. [CBS3/ABC News]
• A ride-share driver and a food delivery driver were also among last week’s shooting victims in Philadelphia, according to news reports. [NCB10/6ABC]
This is Philadelphia
“If he would have come in, everyone in the community knows we’ll open our door to anybody. We’ll provide you with anything.” – University City violence prevention nonprofit leader Angela Richardson responds after burglar takes donated clothes and money that was meant for a weekly food allowance to feed students.
By the numbers
22: Philadelphia shooting victims reported during the seven-day period ending Sunday, according to the weekly Philadelphia Police major crimes report.
37: Philadelphia shooting victims reported during the same period, according to Philadelphia Police data published at Open Data Philly.
66: Year-to-date homicides in Philadelphia through late last night, representing a six percent decrease vs. the same period last year.
39: Guns found at TSA airport checkpoints in Philadelphia last year — nearly twice the number in 2019, despite screening around 30% fewer people.
28: Guns turned in Saturday at a South Philadelphia buyback event.
47,734: U.S. gun deaths since President Biden took office.
In memoriam
Khalil Hicks, 39, a father who designed and sold clothing
Say their names
• Philadelphia police responded to 46 homicides in January 2022. Here are the names and ages of those who were killed, plus when and where. [Philadelphia Obituary Project]
“How do we have interventions that address racial trauma that do not stigmatize the people in communities who are affected by this, but helps to mobilize the strength and powers of those communities while also, providing opportunities for healing?“ – Dr. John Rich of The Center for Nonviolence and Justice
Note: Different briefing time today
• The next city briefing on gun violence in Philadelphia is scheduled to take place today at 2 p.m. Listen live on WURD Radio 900 AM / 96.1 FM or watch live online. [Facebook]
Parkland Anniversary
Parkland victim's dad scales crane near White House
The Gun Violence Archive
FYI: In the four years since the Parkland shooting, there have been 2,077 U.S. mass shootings (4+ shot and/or killed, not including the shooter) – resulting in 2,053 people killed and 8,478 people injured.
“In neighborhoods facing high rates of poverty and unemployment, shootings were more likely to take place near gun shops. In better-off neighborhoods, the opposite was true.”
“Findings suggest that unprecedented measures implemented to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 were associated with an increase in gun violence. As the pandemic abates, efforts at community violence prevention and intervention must be redoubled.”
“The likelihood youth will carry a firearm to protect themselves from violence is higher when they also distrust the police and feel they are more likely to be victimized rather than protected during police encounters.”
The gun reform debate is not impenetrable — just ask gun owners
Solution of the Week
The Colorado state Legislature repealed their preemption statute, enabling cities like Boulder to proceed with a number of gun violence prevention measures. [Daily Camera]
Make a difference: Support the Center
Here are some of our goals for 2022, prioritized according to urgency: []
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