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The Swansen Report - Issue #28

The Swansen Report - Issue #28
By Paul W. Swansen • Issue #23 • View online
Overhaul of the American Voting Process?

Wisconsin is one of the key states in the midst of the recent ongoing Presidential election kerfuffle.  Now ongoing for nearly three weeks with no clearly defined winner.  While there are two of the 72 counties that are conducting recounts, there is a continuing problem with the voter rolls here in Wisconsin.
In 2019 the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) sent letters to the roughly 232,000 voters that WEC  believed had moved. The letter asked them to update their voter registrations. Since that time, the initial list was pared down to about 129,000 voters.  The reduction came after those on the list registered at new addresses or confirmed they had not moved.
No action has been taken on the 129,000 individuals whose voter status is in question.  The WEC plan indicated that the voter rolls would be pared down in 2021.  In December of 2019 Circuit Court Judge Paul V. Malloy ordered that the state remove the errant voters from the rolls.
In February of 2020, the District 4 Court of Appeals in Madison blocked Judge Malloy’s ruling. The lawsuit by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty is going forward to the state supreme court for a ruling.  
One of the issues addressed is that the voters who were indicated to be purged from the voter rolls would be disenfranchised in the voting process.  However, seeing as the state of Wisconsin has same-day voter registration this really isn’t an issue.  If the voter in question had registered once, they can certainly do it again.
The overall challenge in the process of having fair, free, open, and transparent elections is the federal government shoving its nose under the election tent.  Exhibit one in this instance is the House of Representative bill HR 1.
After the dumpster fire that has been the current Presidential Election and ongoing point and counterpoint of legal posturing, why now for HR1?  The bill is 706 pages in length.  There are five issues highlighting problems with the bill.
  • 6X taxpayer-funded match for every small-dollar donation under $200 to a congressional or presidential campaign with federal dollars. (Sec. 5111-5116)
  • Creates a $25 voucher for every single eligible voter. They can donate this campaign coupon to any political campaign in the country.  (Section 5102 (A))
  • Creates vulnerabilities in our election systems and threatens the integrity of our democracy by forcing states to allow online, automatic, and same-day voter registration without adding any additional resources to protect against fraud. (Sec. 1001-1004)
  • Limits free speech and imposes vague restrictions on advocacy groups, handicapping their work. (Sec. 1301-1304)
  • Does not provide states the necessary resources to defend their election systems and processes against threats from at home and abroad. (Sec. 3000)
There are many other issues with the bill during an initial first read-through of the table of contents. of the 706 page legislation.  We will begin to address those at a later date.
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