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Swansen Report - Issue #8

Swansen Report - Issue #8
By Paul W. Swansen • Issue #6 • View online
The month of July is about to come to an end. Where does the time go?

Over the past few days, we’ve had one strong rainstorm and then yesterday afternoon and into the evening, a good steady rain. The lawn and flowers and other items in the garden are now in better shape than they were a week ago.
The garden is looking good with both tomato and zucchini beginning to show up on the vines. It will be a few weeks before we get to harvest anything yet.
A couple of thoughts from the weekend. From the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, where is the next generation of hardware wallet? With all of the accumulated developer talent, why is there not a hardware wallet for the common, everyday user? The user who is new to blockchain and cryptocurrency? A wallet that you can unbox and not need a 337-page tech manual to make work? A wallet that doesn’t require you to take six months of University level courses, to understand the operating system and have your wallet work? A wallet that doesn’t require you to subscribe to a 24/7 tech support guru when you have questions?
Secondly, I’ve begun to notice a theme amongst a small group of individuals within the political commentary, periscope, pundit and prognosticators space. While these individuals appear to be knowledgeable and reasoned thinkers, they have devolved into a bunch of grade school boys out on the playground. They are name-calling and taunting and taking on airs. The knowledge and reasoned thinkers are nowhere to be found. I’d expect to see and hear informed, levelheadedlogical, and rational, discourse. What I’m seeing is backbiting, spiteful, catty and malignant, faux interchange. To quote Nick Gravenites, in the lyrics to Buried Alive in the Blues, “This dumb brick wall ain’t heard a word that I’ve said.”
With the dawn of a new month on Thursday this week, we can hope for sudden clarity and a return to an intelligent and methodical discussion of ideas.
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Swansen Report

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