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Swansen Report - Issue #24

Swansen Report - Issue #24
By Paul W. Swansen • Issue #19 • View online
Opening Wisconsin

On Wednesday, May 13, 2020, the Wisconsin Supreme court struck down Governor Evers extension of his original #saferathome order issued in March. And with that withing the hour many of the bars, local watering holes and pubs were filled with residents all happy to be able to get out of their homes again. By all reports, the return to drinking establishments featuring adult beverages was orderly and without any newsworthy incidents.
Now two days later, we are beginning to see some movement in businesses opening up with cautious intent. With companies starting to open, Ashland and Bayfield counties have decided to collaborate and issue a joint “Travel Safer” document of guidelines.
County officials recommend the following when traveling:
A. Check with local communities for area-specific safety updates and closures.
B. Check with local businesses or events you plan on attending in advance for
updated changes in operation or new safety protocols in place.
C. Respect local companies and other patrons by following their safety protocols
when visiting their establishments.
D. Practice enhanced personal hygiene, including:
a. frequent hand washing
b. wearing a mask when in public
c. using hand sanitizer when hand washing is not available
d. disinfect frequently touched surfaces often
E. Do not travel when you or someone in your household is ill or exhibiting any
symptoms of COVID-19.
F. Limit non-essential trips and limit the number of people participating in
G. Consider limitations in facilities (i.e., restrooms, handwashing stations) open to
public during this time and plan accordingly.
H. Continue to practice physical distancing and maintain 6’ from others whenever
I. Keep track of places you visit while traveling in case an outbreak in that area
occurs or you become ill and need to provide that information to health
officials. One way to do this is with photos.
J. Avoid crowds and crowded areas when possible.
I certainly hope that the joint county task force didn’t spend an excessive amount of time developing these ten critical recommendations. Items A-C seem to be common sense items that anyone who is traveling during this time would do as a reasonable and rational person. Item D and it’s four subsections are simply a rehash of the same important blather that all businesses large and small have been putting out for the past 90 days or so. Unless you’ve been living under a rock on a ventilator during the past three months, you already know this. If not, my condolences. Item E is is just plain old common sense, pandemic or not. Item F, no piling the family and heading out for that Sunday afternoon drive. Item G, is an entire other article on restroom facilities being closed. It’s apparent to me that those who came up with this idea for our state and National Parks didn’t quite think this one entirely through. Item H, should have been incorporated into item D. Item I, the counties want to have you do your contact tracing and report back to the local health officials, so they don’t have to hire people to do the job. Again, there’s an entire other article and issue around contact tracing. Item J also should have been incorporated into item D.
Governor Evers got into the act and sent out an email missive entitled, A Message from Governor Tony Evers and Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes on the Recent Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling. In the fifth paragraph, the statement, “Though the court may have ruled against Safer at Home…” No, the court didn’t rule against Safer at home, but rather, the extension of the original Safer at home order extending the overall order that was to have ended on April 24, 2020.  
Our local state representative, Beth Meyers, was out with her email to her constituents in Northern Wisconsin. Setting aside some of Rep. Meyer’s hyperbolic tone in her email, I do give her some props for including three graphics of a COVID-19 Democratic Response Plan. The three graphics are complete with platitudes and short on substantive specifics. The graphics also include additional federal and state intervention and oversight into our daily lives.  
Bottom line, I’m glad to see things beginning to open up here in Wisconsin and businesses, and people are starting to take steps of getting on with their lives again. The time to stop living in fear, fostered, and promoted by the statist media and their compliant government cohorts has come to an end.
Given what many of us have endured over the past few months, the following seems appropriate.
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Paul W. Swansen

Swansen Report

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