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Swansen Report - Issue #20

Swansen Report - Issue #20
By Paul W. Swansen • Issue #16 • View online
Open Borders and a Pending Pandemic

As I sit to write this, the current numbers for the Coronavirus excuse me the COVID-19, depending on what source I’m using are as follows - 
Like gas mileage, your reference numbers may vary
Here in Wisconsin, there have been 15 reported Coronavirus cases with only one being confirmed as positive.  The Wisconsin Department of Health Services web site is running about five days behind in reporting their findings.
While many of us haven’t been recent travelers to China, the threat of this virus only becomes apparent to us when we see a news report or hear about it via a broadcast of some sort.  Cold weather and a rural population here in Northern Wisconsin, continues to keep the virus out of mind of many.
What we fail to think about is our current open border fixation by a good portion of our politicians and their minions.  The push to revise health care in the United States, I’ll assert hasn’t taken into account this type of pandemic. Moving on from health care, we are less aware of the supply chain of goods shipped from the epicenter of the pandemic outbreak.
Perscriptions that you or family members may take for blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy and depression are just a few that are manufactured in China.  The United States no longer manufactures penicillin, as the last penicillin plant closed in 2004. This should give you an opportunity to think, the next time you go to your local medical clinic or Walmart to have a prescription refilled.
Your favorite tech devices are also subject to the coronavirus.  Both parts and manufacturing of devices from Apple and Samsung are being impacted.  Do we need to all become preppers or survivalists, stockpiling food and building bunkers?
Should we all be in a panic?  Not yet, and certainly we as critical thinkers need to be aware of issues beyond our city limits.
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Paul W. Swansen

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