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By Paul W. Swansen

Swansen Report - Issue #18

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Swansen Report - Issue #18
By Paul W. Swansen • Issue #14 • View online

The divisions, subdivisions and rampant ongoing identity politics of our culture are making us all crazy.  The ability of individuals to have a reasoned and civil conversation has by all accounts gone by the wayside and thrown out like yesterday’s cat litter.
I opened Facebook this morning to see people simply berating each other in comments.  No reasoned and civil conversation, or understanding of another’s point of view. The recipient of the vitriol has simply made a statement of his opinion and nothing more.  However an individual decided that the statement had no merit or apparently basis in reality, and made use of some pointed foul, seven dirty words you couldn’t say on the air.
The Democrats and their minions or quislings are so enamored with identity politics, that they appear to be incapable of having anything resembling a coherent and civil conversation.  The past three weeks of the impeachment trial have been at the forefront of this divisiveness. Then this week, we welcomed the Iowa caucus, the State of the Union Speech and rounding out the week, the acquittal of President Trump on both of the impeachment charges.  It’s not been a stellar optics week for the Democrat party.
Compare and contrast.  This past week I’ve been honored to be invited to test a new social conversation app.  While not going into all the details I’ll simply let you know that my conversations with another individual have been most informative.  We’ve had civil and reasoned exchanges on a topic. While I don’t think that we’re completely aligned politically, it has been great to have a thoughtful exchange of ideas and concepts about current events.
The app seems to be very basic in its user interface and could use some improvements.  Overall, it’s great to know that there are developers out there who can create such an app, and have users not being banned or removed from the platform due to their postings. 
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Paul W. Swansen

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