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Swansen Report - Issue #16

Swansen Report - Issue #16
By Paul W. Swansen • Issue #12 • View online

The subject of lying came up the other day.  This was in conjunction with the impeachment trial that has now completed its first day.  The individual who brought up the subject was irked and outraged that Senate Majority Leader McConnell had “lied” about how the current impeachment would proceed as did the Clinton impeachment.
Lets state upfront that everyone lies at one point or another in their lives.  They can be lies of commission or omission. If anyone who has two working neurons a working synapse, and follows politics to any degree is aware that all politicians lie.  It’s part of the current nature of our political system.
Critical thinking people observe the political landscape and then do their own due diligence to form their own opinions based upon the facts they have gathered.  
Let me preface the following examples with the following.  I’m by no means a crack researcher, I don’t play one on TV nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.  That being said, the following examples and links I put together in less than 30 minutes of my own research.  
Three examples, the linchpin of the current impeachment, and then two of the major players in this, tissue-thin kabuki theater of a show trial.  Upon the realization that we as a people have been lied to, for decades if not centuries, the words of Leo Tolstoy come to mind. “History would be a wonderful thing if only it were true.”
Steele Dossier
Chairman Schiff
Chairman Nadler
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