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Swansen Report - Issue #15

Swansen Report - Issue #15
By Paul W. Swansen • Issue #11 • View online
Christmas Corner

Christmas is just five days away and we’ve yet to get our house decorations put up. The next couple of days are forecast to be in the mid to upper 30’s (F) so it seems like a good time to get it done.
I hope that the country can for at least the Christmas and New Year celebration, put away the animosity and hatred that has been plaguing us for the past nearly four years.
I’ve got nearly 70 applications on my iPhone 6. Why? I often ask myself the same question. Nine of the apps have been offloaded from the phone which frees up space. I suppose I should be ruthless and simply delete the apps. However, the little voice in the back of my mind keeps telling me that there may come a day when I will want to use the app. So, there they sit.
I’ve got one, seasonal app, that only gets used during our tourist season. Another app is supposed to be a mobile version of a desktop app. However, the app creator and programmer have failed and it’s now simply a notification app for their desktop software.
Speaking of apps, I get frustrated and wonder why, apps that I have an account for, don’t sync between mobile and desktop versions of the same app? If I’ve entered data or updated information on my iPhone 6, why should I need to duplicate the effort for my laptop? Programmers seem to think that as long as the code is good and is relatively unbuggy, it’s all good. They, unfortunately, are not end-users of their own products. The same failure of using products is found when a company fails to eat their own dog food.
In closing, from our house to yours, Merry Christmas to all.
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Paul W. Swansen

Swansen Report

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