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Swansen Report - Issue #14

Swansen Report - Issue #14
By Paul W. Swansen • Issue #10 • View online
Christmas Holidays 2019

Christmas Holidays.
Thanksgiving is come and gone, and as well, so has Black Friday. While I’ve seen some Christmas decorations on area homes, I’m sure this trend will begin more in earnest over the coming days.
We, with apprehension and trepidation, went to a local area big-box retailer on Black Friday. I’m all too well aware of, what the hell were we thinking. As it turned out, it wasn’t all that bad. We needed a few things and shopping while in between the weather line of regional snowstorms seemed to be the ideal time.
This greeted us as we walked into Walmart. Still plenty of product available for sale and certainly no one fighting over the last of the great deals. There was more civilized activity around a dump bin of bed sheet sets than any other place in the store. Maybe it was our timing. We arrived about 11 a.m. so possibly all the mayhem and pandemonium had taken place earlier in the day.
As we moved through the store working our shopping list, there were no crowds to fight or push through to find the items for which we were looking. It simply appeared to be a pretty normal day for the local area retailer.
From what I read on-line, this is also the binge-watching season for content on the Hallmark Channel. We don’t subscribe to the channel so I’m only going by what I read. It is evident that there are two diametrically opposed sides to the Hallmark Channel Holiday content. Now we are told by those who are perpetually offended that,
While this is going on, here in Madison, Wisconsin are lifting their voices to the heavens and crying out,
And so in the oft-repeated words from the Christmas classic, A Christmas Carol,
“God bless us every one!”
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Paul W. Swansen

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