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Swansen Report - Issue #13

Swansen Report - Issue #13
By Paul W. Swansen • Issue #9 • View online
Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving 2019.
Yes, it’s that time of year again to gather up the family and head off to some designated other family members or relatives for the traditional Thanksgiving meal. This likely involves an extended road trip or battling the other families at your local or regional airport who are also in the family travel mode.
This year, we were blessed with a local snow blizzard of wet, heavy snow and wind gusts of 40 mph. or more. So discretion being what it is, we’re staying home. We have some other work-related obligations as well, so it all works out for us.
We won’t have to endure the travel, nor the slightly skewed Aunt or Uncle that only show up for these occasions. No awkward conversations or forbidden topics to deal with. The standard safe, customary weather and how your summer went, are the garden-variety conversation reruns that will likely be repeated across the Thanksgiving table. Of course, there is the round-robin “What are you thankful for this year?” that annually rears its ugly head.
How about asking the following questions?
·        What new project or application is working well in your job/business?
·        Who has moved into the neighborhood, new at work, that you’d like to invite over for coffee or a beer?
·        What’s missing in your neighborhood, suburb or small town?
I’d imagine that you can come up with some similar questions or some follow up questions to these I’ve put forward.
The lovely and talented lady of the house has already begun kitchen work in preparation for tomorrow’s turkey and fixings. Turkey, yams, green bean casserole, and a homemade version of cranberry sauce will round out the meal. I believe there is an apple pie in the works for dessert. 
So from the remote outpost along Wisconsin’s northern border, a Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.
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