Weekly thoughts & advice on working in Digital and Soft Skills

By Paul Nakonechnyy

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Weekly thoughts & advice on working in Digital and Soft Skills - Issue #21

On a project, each stakeholder and project team member has a specific view of what's going on. They differ in understanding what steps the team will perform, how long they will take, and what the results will be. Managing expectations is about establishing a …


🔥 How to document projects properly: 6 Principles

Project documentation is often a deciding factor separating successful projects from unsuccessful ones. Every project with insufficient documentation is a gamble posing risk to the organization. Every requirement missing from the documentation can be viewed d…


How to build a career entirely on Soft Skills

I believe there are two ways one can advance his career: either becoming a highly qualified specialist or providing general utility to the team and organization. The first ones often become seniors - senior engineers/programmers/lawyers. The second usually be…


Lessons for first-time managers: How to create innovations in your team

Innovation is a cornerstone for modern Businesses as even the smallest performance gain can separate a profitable company from a bankrupt one. CEOs, experienced managers, and business gurus all talk about innovation. As a first-time manager, you play a vital …


First-time manager’s lessons: when to micromanage your team

According to the definition in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, micromanaging bosses “try to control or manage all the small parts of something (such as an activity) in a way that is usually not wanted or that causes problems.”Even though micromanagement is us…


How to Ask for What You Want at Work – 5 Tips

Genuine problem solving often requires us to ask people for help and information. This is applicable for both work projects and career advancement as a whole. Creating strong cases for your requests will improve the chances you get positive answers and preven…


First-time manager’s lessons: How to promote cooperation in a team

As my latest article with tips for first-time managers has received much positive feedback on Telegram, I’ve decided to play with this topic a little more. Let’s talk about facilitating coordination and cooperation within a team.Cooperation is a must-have asp…


Paul Nakonechnyy on Management and Soft Skills: Lessons for first-time managers: how to drive your team to success

No book is going to have the perfect advice for each situation first-time managers face. Being a good manager is making good decisions with information on hand and following several guidelines that differ very bad managers from okay ones. In this post I’ve li…


How to achieve more in less time: tips for prioritization

We often rush doing tasks that we just received. It can lead to us spending time on tasks that will be of no use to anyone. Imagine finishing a report just to find out that the requestor has already received the same information from another source. Such a ta…


8 Tips on How to Impress Your Boss on Performance Review

According to UC Berkeley’s Guide to Managing Human Resources, “Performance Management is an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout the year, in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the orga…


Weekly thoughts & advice on working in Digital and Soft Skills - 8 tips on how to control projects at work

There are several reasons why this happens.Working with projects, it’s near impossible to track everything you should do with a simple To-Do list because each task has a lot of related information. Documents, Tickets, and Letters are required to do a simple t…


How to distinguish Process Management and Knowledge Management for Inexperienced Managers and Team Leaders

One point of view is that any information lacking which presents risks to the process objectives is process-related information and must be included in the procedure.A risk is the effect of uncertainty on projects and organizational objectives. Therefore, the…


How to Become a Transformative Leader in 2022

Soft Leadership is leading through soft skills and people skills. It emphasizes the significance of human resources focusing on the personality, attitude, and behavior of the people. Its tools are persuasion, negotiation, recognition, appreciation, motivation…


How to run effective meetings with no experience: 10 research-based tips

1. Stick to one meeting type. According to Seth Godin, there are three kinds of meetings:Information: a meeting in which the participants are informed about something.Discussion: a meeting which aims to give input or direction, or to receive feedback.Permissi…


📌 8 tips for effective Business Writing communication

1. Start with an idea. Every text you write has a message you’re trying to deliver. If you write it explicitly, clearly, and concisely, there’s little chance someone will misinterpret your goals.2. Write for a person. There’s a clear group of people who will …


7 tips for your first IT job interview

You may find a lot of job interview tips on the Internet, but they mostly focus on the way companies and job postings are built, not how you sell yourself. It’s wrong.I found my first and current job at Citi last July. Since then, a lot of my student friends …


Writing skills are essential for IT specialist career

Writing is required both for remote and on-site employees. Every meeting you don’t schedule is an extra cup of coffee. Effective written communication gives you exactly that.Great writing addresses the problems and concerns of specific readers. It’s your job …


📌 Methods of sharing knowledge with other teams

1. Send an email. Email is the easiest way to share information in a corporate world. However, there are risks that no one will read your email and such emails are always lost with time. You can use categories in Outlook to mark the most important mail you wi…


💎 Top free courses on Project Management

I believe that every research we do is a project. You can't optimize the research itself with PM techniques. But you can definitely optimize the way you engage with colleagues be it Requirements Elicitation, Stakeholder Engagement, or Project Closure.1. PMI (…


📚 The Principles of Argumentation

I work as a Business Analyst in Banking and I prove ideas every day. Here’s my simplified take on Argumentation for Business needs.There are four modes of discourse: narration, description, exposition, and argumentation. Of the four, argumentation is the prim…