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In for sleep

Dears,Taking pointers from the best, we are staging our own disappearance. Meaning, I’m going to sleep for a bit and am taking the platform with me. It’ll be offline for now. Set my house on fire and watch it burn, am I right?No worries, because as sure as th…


Saturdays have been good for you

DEVILS AMONG THE TAILORS has almost come to a close, so let’s toast to the wonderful exhibition at the most wonderful year of a time..There will be no dresscode, but if there were one it would be: Get your gender dressed quick, bring a face mask and have it g…


99 reasons to stay in

Unfortunately, we have to cancel the solo show 'Indistinct Chatter' by Mees van Rijckevorsel. Mrs. Coco grounded us again. We can't keep our distances in the narrow hallway so for safety's sakes we can't see you guys. So sorry!


this is your update of new

I've known Steven van Lummel for 20 years now. I see him as a social sculpture - similar to his graduation project for the KABK. He founded SBSC (Stichting ter Bevordering der Sociale Contacten) and got his whole social circle involved. Basically his entire n…


Dear all of us

Have you checked our new art feed on our new website yetnah?


I have a newborn bebe

I already hinted at it a few times but now it's finally here! I gave birth to my new website. Maternity visits are very welcome 👶👭Take me there.But the thing with newborns, they're cute and all, but they can be trouble too. Leaving moms and dads with sleeples…


Invitation: ‘DEVILS AMONG THE TAILORS’ by Arash Fakhim & Gijs Assmann

Two legends are joining forces + sewing machines for their exhibition in the Patty Showroom on 12 November (openings eve) till 18 December 2021.


feel like writing my memoirs

I want to dedicate this newsletter to the concept of memories. There's just so much to say about them.


Opening: 'The Tar Pit Trap' by Thomas van Rijs - 17 Sep

From Friday September 17th you can come by our Showroom to see the work of Thomas van Rijs in an exhibition called 'The Tar Pit Trap'. For this upcoming show, Thomas has been researching the fragmented and twisted events from our collective memory while still…


what does rhyme with time

Santa Maria, you'll be busy with me.Here to feed your agenda and eat your time. Our exhibition planning incoming:


📲 NOW ONLINE 🖥 The Obey X Patty Bodyshop collection

About last weekend: a new group show with 25 of my besties openend at the Obey Art Space 🍾 and we sold a ton of very limited clothes.💧💧💧Don't cry. We still have some of it left.(No time to scroll, just want your money to roll? Sure, fine, click HERE)


Your body is our shop

Last time we spoke, I teased you. And now it's here.We teamed up with Obey by using their deadstock for upcycling and together with print shop De Kijm we created a wearable Patty shop.


Can I talk?

Last Friday we had an opening again and it was majorrr.


Knowledge for your hot brains

I hope those cooled your cool. Let's continue to the news to this letter.


Opening: 'combo combo solo' by Nazif Lopulissa

FINALLY we are opening our doors again 💥 You're welcome at Schaafstraat 21, Amsterdam-Noord on Friday May 28th from 17:00 till 21:00 or Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 till 18:00. Drinks on the curb outside!For ‘combo combo solo’, we follow Rotterdam-based art…


Exhibition agenda + something poppin for on the wall

First things first! Grab an agenda. Any agenda. We're opening up shop and this is our exhibition opening planning:


the sunniest deal of your life

On behalf of Sunrise Tours (an artist collective) I'd like to welcome you to our final destination: my sunny showroom. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view of the ocean on the left hand side of the bus. Please remain seated until we have come to a complete stop…


I have yet to bloom a thousand times more

✨ WELCOME to the traditional end of the year roundup ✨Normally, this is where we would reminisce over the highlights of the past year. But, yeah. 2020. Wooo.We have yet to be convinced this year didn't propel us into an alternative universe where we're living…


Looking for someone to adopt one of my babies!

No, this is not a reckless career switch. Or is it?With our gallery closed due to another round of lockdown, the artists from our Yes, again! show are missing the chance to show off their works IRL. That's why you can now adopt or rent an artwork from the sho…


Visit my gallery this month! Yes, again!

Together we will pay our last and only tributes to 2020 and greet the new year with our elbows. A fresh start for which we hope for world prosperity, the whole shebang, and in which we encourage the artist to keep going. You know, stay afloat. Continue to obs…