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Patty Morgan

August 17 · Issue #77 · View online



Santa Maria, you’ll be busy with me.
Here to feed your agenda and eat your time. Our exhibition planning incoming:
Isa Grutter's 'Een laatste handje' | 02/09 - 08/09
The world is finished, the deadline has been met, but then doubts set in. The unstoppable artist throws his rest day overboard to put one last creation on earth. Because it’s never finished, and certainly never good enough.
In her book ‘WERKTITEL: MENS’, artist Isa Grutter takes on the immodest task of showing you, the viewer, how God (perhaps) intended it.
The book has been around for a while, but that wasn’t enough either. In the Patty Showroom, Isa will be giving you an insight in her work.
✒️ Opening: 2 September 2021 | 17:00 - 21:00
✒️ Finissage: 8 September 2021| 12:00 - 17:00
✒️ Days in between: 12:00 - 19:00
Thomas van Rijs' 'The Tar Pit Trip' | Opening 17/09
Taking a trip through memory avenue with Thomas van Rijs.
For his upcoming show, Thomas has been focussing on the research into the fragmented and twisted events from our collective memory while also reflecting on his own memories (imagine lil Thomas playing soldier, building huts and exploring the neighboring farmyard 🥺).
In combination with visual material collected over the years, Thomas reconstructs these bygone memories in the shape of floor plans or top views. As an archaeological or anthropological investigation into his past, he rediscovers and recreates memories - as they are subject to transformation over time too. The typographical elements and everyday objects that populate the paintings enter into a new dialogue with each other and thereby acquire a new meaning. Boom! An open narrative arises and the viewer is free to apply their own interpretation.
👇 Come wandering through memories and make your own.
✒️ Opening: 17 September 2021
Arash Fakhim + Gijs Assmann's
A duo show! Yes!
Arash Fakhim and Gijs Assmann joined forces to free themselves and our society from restrictive and oppressive conventions. They do this by devotedly shaping a ‘social fabric’ of solidarity.
In search of self-determination, Arash and Gijs alternately add new layers to each other’s work. Behind a sewing machine!🧵
In this exhibition, the two artists attempt to master the age-old language of textiles - inspired by their research and discovery of the the post-war Dutch Liberation Skirt or Party Skirt (Bevrijdingsrok or Feestrok). They will present a collection of textile works that visualize and celebrate personal liberation. These originated in a relay race; the works have all been taken care of by both artists in turn. The various works alternate in the appearance of a piece of clothing, a banner, a painting, a curtain or an object.
In ‘DEVILS AMONG THE TAILORS’, Gijs and Arash use embroidery stitch and zigzag as a means of connecting, bringing together a network, assembling that which is not naturally united, masking wear and tear and strengthening cohesion.
✒️ Opening: 12 November 2021
Obey Art Space still here + something extra
The Obey Art Space is still open till August 30th for art viewing! So go peep.
They already did 👇
Look, it's Isa, the artist of our next show! Oh hey look who's next to her, it's Steven.
Look, it's Isa, the artist of our next show! Oh hey look who's next to her, it's Steven.
That was my visual bridge to the following:
'Forget about what people say when they are not themselve' by Steven van Lummel
'Forget about what people say when they are not themselve' by Steven van Lummel
As a lil extra to the ‘Bodyshop’ exhibition, we got you some exclusive riso prints by Steven van Lummel.
For sale on my website, pick-up only in the Obey Art Space (Runstraat 25, A'dam).
Yes, keeping you on the move with no shipping. Good for your health AND you can see the show irl. Digital seeing and direct buying also possible ofc - click. (Did you know you can also pay in installments through KunstKoop? Email me for questions about that, I got u.)
Breaking Boundaries | 11/03/22 - 27/03/22
It’s really happening! Thanks to the crowdfunding project, Breaking Boundaries is getting ready for their first show. September 15, they will open in Istanbul, so if you want to take that on-the-move-thing to a higher level, this is your chance.
For all the chill ppl, you can wait a little longer and come visit the Patty Showroom from March 11th till 27th (2022, obv).
With art by Dutchies Tjobo Kho & Anne Büscher, Willem de Haan and Suzie van Staaveren, but also by eight artists with Turkish, German and Italian nationalities.
More info? Here you go.
✒️ 11 March till 27 March 2022
my team going on holidays while hating art 🖕
my team going on holidays while hating art 🖕
Zo. That was enough gelul.
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