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Patty Morgan

June 16 · Issue #73 · View online


Don’t melt today 🥵

 ZT Lemon yellow/Process Magenta by Jan Kuhlemeier
ZT Lemon yellow/Process Magenta by Jan Kuhlemeier
Dance Dance Revolution XII by Thijs Zweers
Dance Dance Revolution XII by Thijs Zweers
 Le Citron by Lois Richard
Le Citron by Lois Richard
 L'étale by Mélanie Corre
L'étale by Mélanie Corre
I hope those cooled your cool. Let’s continue to the news to this letter.
Patty 2.0 with experimental tags
Maybe you’ve already heard it in the corridors, but my website is being pimped like a ride. Soon you’ll be able to navigate it as smooth and fun as your mum’s Volvo with an Xbox engineered into the interior by Xzibit.
For this new website, I came up with some vague tags that artists can couple their works with. Seemed like a fun experiment? I’m curious what looks like the taste of a rainbow too. Kidding. I don’t really care. But we’ll know anyway.
Stay tuned.
🚨Reschedule June 18th to 25th 🚨
Opening Natalija Gucheva + finissage Nazif Lopulissa
It’s time to grab those agendas again. Last time I wrote my pen pals, I brought faulty news. This time I’ll bring yall bigger news.
June 25th will be a hughie. Natalija Gucheva rescheduled her show opening to this date, so make sure you’ll be there. (Or drop by the date mentioned earlier, but you might end up lonely :((((( )
Natalija will be presenting in the Patty skybox, and there will be art, and there will be drinks, and there will be people, and there will be music by Danny Keen.
Impression by and for Danny Keen (not Skeen)
Impression by and for Danny Keen (not Skeen)
The opening of Nazif Lopulissa’s combo, combo, solo was a blast by the way. Finally my Showroom doors opened again. Yes, I missed me too. Thanks for coming besties!!
Oh you weren’t there? WHAT? hahaha wack.
Great news for you and your late ass. I told you June 25th will be BIG. We’ll also be drinking the drinks to the finissage of combo, combo, solo. So you’ll get another chance to see those and maybe strike a pose?
floating lady 🛸
floating lady 🛸
kids with sharp looks
kids with sharp looks
could be you
could be you
You can also send us an email at if you can’t wait. We can arrange a private visit🦦
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