Invitation: ‘DEVILS AMONG THE TAILORS’ by Arash Fakhim & Gijs Assmann





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October 18 · Issue #80 · View online


👹 12 Nov till 18 Dec

by Arash Fakhim & Gijs Assmann
Two legends are joining forces + sewing machines for their exhibition in the Patty Showroom on 12 November (openings eve) till 18 December 2021.
Arash Fakhim & Gijs Assmann present: 'DEVIL AMONG THE TAILORS'
For their upcoming duo show, Arash Fakhim and Gijs Assman mastered the age-old language of textiles. By the use of embroidery and zigzag stitches the artists free themselves and our society from restrictive and oppressive conventions. They do this by devotedly shaping a ‘social fabric’ of solidarity.
In their search of self-determination, they alternately add new layers to each other’s work. The sewing machine is regarded as a tool for everyone; a means to connect the things that are not united by nature and to mask wear and tear.
the info
the info
the legends
the legends
Research 🔎
During their research, Arash and Gijs got inspired by the post-war Liberation Skirt or Party Skirt (Bevrijdingsrok or Feestrok). In preparation for liberation parades, in which men would participate in military clothing, this skirt was designed as a uniform for women. They were made from all kinds of pieces of textile that had a symbolic value for the wearer, such as pieces of clothing from relatives who didn’t survive the war.
On the one hand, the assembling and connecting of the fabrics had to represent the reconstruction and renewal of the Netherlands, on the other hand, the women were given the opportunity to process their own war experiences during the needlework. Wearing a skirt together would enhance the feeling of togetherness, self-confidence, self-awareness and self-determination.
In ‘DEVILS AMONG THE TAILORS’ we see a collection of textile works that visualizes and celebrates personal liberation. They are a tribute to love and express the belief that happiness and growth are only possible in relationship with and through others.
The collaboration between the artists stems from a shared fascination for high art as well as craftsmanship, cartoons, folk art, and the performative possibilities of sculpture. The artworks in the exhibition vary in the shape of a piece of clothing, a banner, a painting, a curtain or an object. The techniques used include screen printing, cyanotype, quilting, embroidery, recycled objects and sashiko.
Sneak peek
one of the artist some time ago
one of the artist some time ago
👹 Show will be from 12 November 2021 till 18 December
👹 Openings evening: 12 November 2021 | 17:00 till 21:00 (afterparty at Sexyland World)
👹 Other days: every Tuesday and Wednesday | 12:00 till 17:00
👹 Busy life? Send us an email for private appointments
P.S This Saturday (October 23rd) we’ll do a finissage of the show by Thomas van Rijs with drinks and a workshop with kids (painting the mural). 12:00 - 15:00 workshop, 15:00 - 18:00 drinks. More info here ℹ️
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