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I have a newborn bebe


Patty Morgan

November 10 · Issue #81 · View online


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Patty 4.0
I already hinted at it a few times but now it’s finally here! I gave birth to my new website. Maternity visits are very welcome 👶
👭Take me there.
But the thing with newborns, they’re cute and all, but they can be trouble too. Leaving moms and dads with sleepless nights. Well, my baby is a real piece of work.
She still has some loose ends and things to solve. The art database isn’t fully online yet, the search function isn’t perfect and the language switch option is dead. My babe can’t speak Dutch with you yet, sorry.
I want to make it up with you with a different kind of language offer tho👇
Patty's Warehouse introduces: Ik haat kunst
In our brand new Warehouse, you can find products and art that we have in our personal stock. We’ll get these to you directly. 
One of those goods, is a collection created by Steven de Peven. You might have seen some of our allies already but I want to introduce you formally now.
So if you think my digital baby is sh!t, you can fight the issue together. In English and in Dutch this time. And in some other languages too. Get them through the link below:
🛒 \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノWarehouse: Ik haat kunst\(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ヽ💰
This Friday 12/11, the exhibition by Arash Fakhim and Gijs Assman will open in the Patty Showroom. In ‘DEVILS AMONG THE TAILORS’, we’ll see a collection of textile works that visualizes and celebrates personal liberation. They are a tribute to love and express the belief that happiness and growth are only possible in relationship with and through others. In their search of self-determination, Arash and Gijs alternately add new layers to each other’s work.
Arash patiently waiting for Gijs so he can add
Arash patiently waiting for Gijs so he can add
Opening will start at 17:00 and around 21:00 we’ll all make our way to our besties at SEXYLAND WORLD for the afterparty with more drinks and some discussion ;)
At the afterparty you’ll find artist Thomas Kuijpers behind the decks. He makes art like this 👇, so his music will be chill too.
artwork by Thomas Kuijpers
artwork by Thomas Kuijpers
Mees van Rijckevorsel - 10 Dec
Mark your calendars because Mees van Rijckevorsel will take over the Patty Hallway from December 10th! First solo show in this space so it’s going to be special deluxe.
‘DEVILS AMONG THE TAILORS’ will still be on show then, so grab your chance to see both exhibitions (if you can’t make it this Friday ofc).
More info sooon.
See you Friday!
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