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Patty Morgan

June 30 · Issue #74 · View online


Ok cool thx.

Natalija Gucheva's 'Eclectic Wonderland'
Last Friday we had an opening again and it was majorrr.
Happy artist
Happy artist
Matching tat
Matching tat
Talking art
Talking art
Send us a message if you want to take a look at it too 💌
Patty X We Are Public X Ali Eslami + Mamali Shafahi
👆Not a math formula. Just a collab.
We Are Public presents you Ali Eslami and Mamali Shafahi in the Patty Showroom.
From tomorrow till Sunday, you can get a VR experience full of Internet aka social media filters, gifs and memes. The fictional character Nerd_Funk collects Instagram Stories that will form the basis for a series of VR experiences made by Ali Eslami and Mamali Shafahi. 
Get your tickets here 🛒
Obey meets art
Psst. Sneak preview of our collab w/ Obey bringing the digital to fashun.
Breaking Boundaries - Patty internationalooo
From September 2021, artworks by twelve emerging artists will travel throughout Europe in a special crate for a year. It will stop in four different countries and showcase in six different art spaces.
Guess what. They picked my Showroom too.
Mark your calendars. It will be my turn in March 2022.
And you can support the project! Throw something in the piggy bank here 🐽
RIP Patty 1.0
Then. Let’s take a moment to commemorate the clock that was shown when the old website was loading - which was 4ever and a day. Gave me a lot of time to recollect my thoughts while staring at the spinning hands. Top-shelf meditating hypnosis. Is that a thing? I dunno.
In a few days the new www will be launched. Without the clock but with your favorite artists ofc. I can’t wait either.
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