Crypto Communities

By Richard Patey

What I'm up to in web3

What I'm up to in web3

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My 2021 was all about Crypto Communities

More than ever, I see DAOs, NFTs & social tokens all coming together, within my existing work with media DAOs, and within NFT communities such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club who will be creating a DAO and issuing a token early next year.


The Mutant Cartel - Will You Take The Pledge?

I bought a mutant ape as there's a mutant merch drop happening this week and because I came across the coolest community I’ve seen to date, the Mutant Cartel.


Domains, the original NFT

Everything comes full-circle, including newsletters.Before Substack, email newsletters were relatively short and sweet.Then people started publishing essays in your inbox.For me, it's not the right medium, nor the best distribution channel to growing your ema…


NFT Communities - More Than the Floor

It's been a month since my last email on how creators should join DAOs (which Joe Pulizzi featured in a recent episode of his Content Inc podcast).I've been earning $BANK and $FF tokens for contributing to governance and completing bounties for writing / edit…


Creators + DAOs = Unstoppable

I feel like I've been having an identity crisis since my last email a month ago.After selling a paid substack publication last year and transitioning it into a paid community, my thought process was to build something else up and exit again.This is the playbo…


Tokenized Twitter & Locking It Down has raised another $10M for its decentralized social network and messaging.The CEO and founder Bill Ottman is quoted saying:Based on everything we’re seeing in crypto, even if you look at Mozilla, open source will eat software in the same way that s…


Choose Your Own Economy

Patrick Rivera, who runs product at Mirror, stated in this recent interview with Benjamin Perrin that: The end game is to help the creators build their own economiesAnd that's exactly what the two projects are doing that I'm featuring in this week's newslette…


Token Gated Access & The Future of Work

Following on from my newsletter on Why Creators Should Choose Protocols Over Subscriptions (which ended up on Hackernoon), I found a similar article published by Joey DeBruin and nir.eth called All SaaS Should Be Tokenized. The takeaway being that you can use…


Leaderboards & How to Social Token

I needed a breather from my long-form newsletter last week on Why Creators Should Choose Protocols Over Subscriptions, so have used the in-built functionality of Revue to drag and drop recent links I've shared on Twitter (follow me).Ok, onto what had the bigg…


Why Creators Should Choose Protocols Over Subscriptions

Creator SubscriptionsMaking a full-time income as a solo creator in the current Web2 landscape is tough.Platforms like Substack have enabled the best journalists to leave their job, but it’s also put writers on a hamster wheel with a weekly publishing cadence…


Expect more from me

I've been going deep into the creator x crypto space and have a long draft with my latest discoveries that I'm not going to be able to get out today.So just a bullet point summary from me this week:Looks like I need to get to 10K followers on Twitter so I can…


Token Fundraising (newsletters, cabins, villages)

Since last week, I've been busy with my Metamask wallet supporting a number of projects.I bought a Dirty NFT to fund a newsletter (94/100 sold)I bought the above NFT (can see it animated at my Opensea) on this page on Mirror to support the first NFT driven me…


Tokens With Benefits

Token-Gated CommunitiesOn the latest Modern Finance podcast, Kevin Rose was speaking with the folks from Flamingo DAO which is a collective that invests in NFTs.Kevin asked at the end what other DAOs and communities people should check out and one mentioned w…


Twitter - the Bull Case for Creators

This newsletter has come out a bit later than typical.The reason being I had to change my trousers several times today as the crypto market capitulated.Fortunately, it looks to have bottomed (no pun intended) and is now reversing rather than descending into a…


Media DAOs: Come Join the Collective

Last week I became a co-owner (one of ~ 3000) of the Bankless DAO - a decentralized, autonomous media organization or the world's first media DAO for short.The Bankless DAO is:A decentralized community driving adoption and awareness of bankless money systems …


Decentralized Creating

🔓 Crypto CommunitiesFollowing on from last week's email about creator badges, I claimed my Bankless (substack newsletter) member badge, using the crypto Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP).Communities such as (which has an awesome newsletter by J…


Subscribe & Mint: Newsletter NFT Badges

📛 Creator BadgesFirst came creator coins and now we have crypto token badges.I just signed up for the paid plan of the crypto Bankless newsletter on Substack.It comes with additional paid posts and podcasts, along with a private community (Discord).All very t…


Subscription podcasting comes of age

🎙️ Podcast SubscriptionsThe biggest creator news of the week came from the Apple Event yesterday where Apple announced paid podcast subscriptions.Creators on the Apple Podcasters Program will get a single show page for both free listeners and paid subscribers…


BitClout - I'm not buying it

TLDR: The legal and accounting risk of BitClout is way too high for me to participate.Before we talk about BitClout, let's first get familiar with the concept of creator coins.What are Creator Coins?Creator coins are cryptocurrency tokens designed to improve …


Sad Cringe

Yesterday I saw this tweet: