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Richard Patey
Richard Patey
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📛 Creator Badges
First came creator coins and now we have crypto token badges.
I just signed up for the paid plan of the crypto Bankless newsletter on Substack.
It comes with additional paid posts and podcasts, along with a private community (Discord).
All very typical.
But it also comes with their own token badge, where token holders get a variety of rewards, such as crypto airdrops, raffles (such as DeFi socks!) and unlocks.
The badge works as a proof-of-membership.
It’s a non-fungible Ethereum token that members can keep and display inside an Ethereum wallet.
My badge will be minted on the 1st May ready for me to claim to an Ethereum address and then connect to Metamask to join raffles! Epic.
Bankless is the number #3 top paid newsletter in the finance category on Substack. It may be a top 10 paid publication but Substack no longer displays a total leaderboard, it now only shows by different categories (need to be logged into a substack account to view).
The only frame of reference I have is that I got the Website Investing publication to be a top 25 paid in the business category with $5K MRR. But that was over 6 months ago now, and the game has moved on.
Another major crypto newsletter on substack The Defiant (#7 in the paid technology category) raised $1.4M earlier this month to build its own platform.
Newsletters really are big business now.
And they are often started by a single creator, such as Camila Russo with The Defiant who explains why she started a financial newsletter.
🌐 Advising Website Fund
With website investing, my advice on Clarity has always been to not just buy and operate one website; instead to diversify against Google SEO updates (that have become way more aggressive in recent years) by owning multiple sites.
One way of achieving this (without having to be an operator) is by investing in a fund that operates a bucket of websites and pays out distributions.
Domain Magnate, a micro private equity firm run by Michael Bereslavsky, just launched their 3rd fund. I was on Michael’s podcast and he was on my previous one.
They are aiming to raise up to $10M from accredited investors, with a $120K minimum and 5 year term. The fund will acquire 5-10 businesses focusing on content sites, as well as SaaS.
The dedicated site is and I’ll be advising on website acquisition strategy.
That’s all for this week.
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Richard Patey
Richard Patey @richardpatey

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