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Richard Patey
Richard Patey
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It’s been a month since my last email on how creators should join DAOs (which Joe Pulizzi featured in a recent episode of his Content Inc podcast).
I’ve been earning $BANK and $FF tokens for contributing to governance and completing bounties for writing / editing such as:
But over the last month I’ve gone deep into the NFT community space, doing my 50 hours of research that Gary Vee recommends.
I actually now think that non-fungible tokens are a much better tool than social tokens for community building.
Indeed, other communities such as $FWB are thinking about NFT membership passes.
But how did I get to this realisation?
The NFT rabbit hole
It started with those Lazy Lions that kept coming up in my twitter feed and in people’s PFPs so I bought this one below.
Holding an NFT gives you access to the project’s community on Discord (using the tool Collabland) but when I was on the inside, the Lions community seemed to be focussed on what they call ‘twitter raids’, promoting themselves whenever anyone asks about NFT projects.
I myself got caught up in this and got a Twitter violation for 3 days for following too many lions (!), during which I realised that this didn’t feel genuine to me.
I started looking for other projects and discovered the CryptoDads on Rarity Tools during its pre-sale.
The Dads community resonated with me. I liked the founder and the roadmap where they will be dropping CryptoMums to Dads holders next month and then CryptoTots the following month. I became this Dad on Twitter below:
However, inside the Discord community, I wasn’t impressed with only having one channel for Dads holders and the large number of other channels being free. I’m used to working with DAOs that have free areas, but token-gated areas for discussions and member perks.
I started looking again for new projects that I better aligned with, using NFT software such as Nansen and Icy Tools and fortunately found one that had launched 20 minutes prior and sold out still in stealth mode.
Ape DAO Remix, created by Kylo.eth, is the largest BAYC derivative project with over 80 Apes. It will be issuing $APED tokens to NFT holders that represent a fractional ownership of the DAO’s assets and give voting rights.
I picked up this stunning ape derivative by artist Brian Romero which I printed out (using my commercial printer connection from my iPhone panorama print days).
Ape DAO is a super welcoming community with strong private channels and real alpha in #purchase-ideas.
I’m already making some great connections, and members are wanting me to print their own NFTs. Maybe I set up an NFT print shop…
Patey’s TLDR
Non-fungible tokens are the best tool to give access to a community. You don’t have to keep adjusting the number of tokens you need to access over time (when it becomes too expensive / too much of a barrier).
Fungible tokens (i.e. social tokens) are the best tool to enable members to collaborate, vote and earn.
Used together, you can set up powerful incentives that benefit all members.
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Richard Patey
Richard Patey @richardpatey

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