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Leaderboards & How to Social Token

Richard Patey
Richard Patey
I’m a sucker for referral leaderboards, having recently won the Alternative Assets one where I’ve received more merch than I can shake a stick at.
I now want to do the same with Swapstack who enable newsletter publishers to plug & play pre-approved advertisers with one click such as this >> Subscribe to Morning Brew where business news doesn’t have to be dry and dense.

I needed a breather from my long-form newsletter last week on Why Creators Should Choose Protocols Over Subscriptions, so have used the in-built functionality of Revue to drag and drop recent links I’ve shared on Twitter (follow me).
Ok, onto what had the biggest impact on me this week:
Individual Before Community: Why Creator Tokens Will Precede Community Tokens - Future
Social Tokens have grown over 400% in 2021 — Mirror
Evolution of the FWB DAO — Mirror
Reputation in Web3: Ships Built on the Great Flood — Mirror
Social tokens - the gateway drug to crypto
If you’re looking to buy crypto to get into the world of social tokens (and DAOs), this is how I do it:
1) Buy Ethereum (ETH) - I use Coinbase (link gets us both $10 in free Bitcoin) and Binance (link gets us both 10% back).
2) Download Metamask wallet and send ETH to it.
3) Use Uniswap to swap ETH for the social token (i.e. $WHALE). Make sure you use the correct contract address. For example, $FWB link to their token on their homepage.
That’s it for this week.
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Richard Patey
Richard Patey @richardpatey

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