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Domains, the original NFT

Richard Patey
Richard Patey
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Everything comes full-circle, including newsletters.
Before Substack, email newsletters were relatively short and sweet.
Then people started publishing essays in your inbox.
For me, it’s not the right medium, nor the best distribution channel to growing your email list.
Instead, I’m going back to emailing you about what I’ve been doing and linking to any thought pieces I write.
Such as An Introduction to The Bounty Economy I just published in Hackernoon.
An Introduction to The Bounty Economy | Hacker Noon
My three previous pieces I’ve published there have had over 2000 reads and over a day’s reading time.
It’s great to publish on the web3 platform but that currently doesn’t get eyeballs to your writing.
I’m talking NFTs with Flippa
Flippa’s Own Your Future conference is later this month and I’m joining a panel administered by Blake Hutchison, CEO, and accompanied by Morgan Linton on NFT’s, the future, and practical use cases.
NFTs and Flippa you say?
You see, domains were in a way the original NFT that you minted (hand registered) and flipped.
And many of the most successful domain investors have got into NFTs in a big way, especially to the Bored Ape Yacht Club writes Andrew Miller in his opinion piece for Decrypt. Indeed, my favourite podcasts at the moment are Down The Rabbit Hole ones by Domain Sherpa.
My journey started with picking up aged SEO domains on ODYS, to leverage existing domain authority to get a headstart when building out a content site. That then got me into having a couple of successful brand domain flips and then eventually into NFTs.
I can see that the domain skill set (as well as poker interestingly) does fit well with NFTs.
But unlike domains, with NFTs there are far more variables to look into to decide whether a project is a good investment, such as the community.
That’s it for now, catch you in your inbox next time.
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Richard Patey
Richard Patey @richardpatey

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