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Choose Your Own Economy

Richard Patey
Richard Patey
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Patrick Rivera, who runs product at Mirror, stated in this recent interview with Benjamin Perrin that: 
The end game is to help the creators build their own economies
And that’s exactly what the two projects are doing that I’m featuring in this week’s newsletter.
Social Network for the Web3 Creator Economy
Coinvise is a platform that started out curating rewards and bounties issued by communities and crypto protocols. It has just raised $2.5M and is now becoming a social network for the creator economy where:
You can:

~ Crowdfund & build a tokenized community (mint social tokens, NFTs, airdrops)
~ Earn social tokens for contributing to creator communities (rewards, bounties)
~ Discover & work with multiple communities to create positive sum games

Learn more:
Like all web3 platforms, you sign up with your Ethereum address, most typically by using a Metamask wallet - if you do so, follow me here.
Once in, other than creating your own token or NFT to fund your project or community, you can also create a claimable link where you can airdrop people whatever social tokens you hold, such as $WHALE in my case.
I’ve never seen this functionality before, super cool:
Coinvise also has an incredibly informative token guidelines page where it breaks down whether you want the social tokens you create to be personal or community owned, and how you want the token economics to work.
Tokenized Community of Writers
Global Coin Research is a social token community with a writers platform that supports writers and pays them to contribute in their $GCR token.
They are trying to solve the problem I identified in my newsletter on Why Creators Should Choose Protocols Over Subscriptions, as their white paper states:
A subscription model such as Substack only benefits a few. As with subscription-oriented businesses, writers are expected to write consistently and build a following on their own.
Writers get access to a large existing audience (rather than having to build their own from scratch) along with editors, social media and outreach teams to generate links for SEO. And holders of $GCR get access to deep insights and research generated by the community, events and direct deal-flow.
That’s it for this week, don’t forget to join the discussion in the community.
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Richard Patey
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