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November 14 · Issue #8 · View online
Partner League Round-up
Welcome to Partner League Round-up #8
Hey PL'ers
I took a couple weeks off of the newsletter but we’re back. We’ve been busy behind the scenes with a few big community updates which will get us off to a great start in 2022.
Here’s what’s new and coming:
  • We’ve migrated our subscriptions away from Subbly - a subscription management software - and directly onto Stripe for now. We currently don’t have a member portal to manage subscriptions so all changes/updates or cancellations requests need to go to OR members can message Lidia on Slack (our community manager), and she will promptly make the changes for you.
  • We’ve updated our website and will push it live on Monday. The biggest changes are around clarifying the copy and we added a vendor marketplace to help our members make better choices when choosing software and service providers. This marketplace will also give the opportunity to top/vetted vendors (companies that serve Shopify partner businesses) to promote their offers to our community.
  • We’re preparing a layer to the community that will enhance the experience on Slack by adding community-oriented features that aren’t native to Slack. This will be rolled out mid-December and really enhance the networking/learning possibilities within the community.
If you’re not a Partner League member yet, join us or book a call with me to learn more about how our community is helping members accelerate growth through networking, partnerships, and peer support.

New Members
Welcome to our newest Partner League members. Be sure to say hello in the intros channel!
New members + intros:
  1. Mykola Turovskiy - F/E developer at Riess Group
  2. Aaron Markle - Lofta
  3. Travis Cross - VideoWise
  4. Randy Parker - Brevi Chat
  5. Dennis Cessan - Hypecart
  6. Anne Thomas - Design Packs
  7. Lucas Harvey - Salesboost
  8. Deb Mukherjee - Wonderment
If you have time, scroll up the intros channel on Slack to read intros from other new members who’ve joined us recently. And don’t forget to browse the member directory if you’re looking to connect with partners running agencies, apps, or members in similar roles and regions.
Member Spotlight - Kathleen Booth
Member Spotlight: Kathleen Booth, CMO -
Here are a couple of resources that caught my attention this week and that I think are worthy of your time.
Hydrogen: Shopify's opinionated framework for building headless ecommerce
The Current State of Checkout UX (18 Common Pitfalls) – Articles – Baymard Institute
European states launch alliance to spur unicorn growth | PitchBook
Here are a couple articles and a podcast that caught my attention this week and that I think are worthy of your time.
Sponsor | Cogsy
This issue is sponsored by Cogsy. Cogsy helps DTC brands eliminate manual spreadsheets and guesswork to automatically order the right inventory at optimal levels and grow in the best way possible. To learn more about Cogsy and how they work with app and agency partners in our ecosystem, request a demo or contact Adii Penaar on Slack.
Top Community Threads This Week (Members Only)
Recent acquisitions by Shopify - Jonathan Kennedy
Consult/review issues with our app - Thomas Kimura
How to get your app featured - Krissie Claire
Member Content
A few pieces of content and resources published by our members
☝️ Adam Pearce on LinkedIn: Is it still worth going to conferences? | 16 comments
How To Sell More With Video Shopping, with Claudiu Cioba | Cart Overflow: Where eCommerce Marketing Playbooks Are Written & Shared
The Holiday Customer Retention Guide
Overheard on Twitter
Sahil Bloom
Want to accelerate your career?

Write better.

THREAD: The principles of powerful business writing:
Eden Dranger
My favorite childhood memory is my knees not hurting.
Nat Eliason (📜,📜)
Remember diversification is how you preserve wealth, not get it.

Find something you’re obsessed with and go all in.

Diversify once you make it.
Photo of the week
Photo of Dresden Christmas market - Germany’s oldest Christmas market, traditionally called Striezelmarkt, has a Centuries-old history dating back as early as 1434. Photo credit: unknown
I’m a big fan of the holiday season and love the festive and entrepreneurial energy these markets.
This photo also prompted me to think consciously of where I will be spending money this holiday season. A much as possible, I will try to spend it locally and with smaller retailers, online and off.
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Have a great week!
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