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Partner League Round-up #4

September 26 · Issue #4 · View online
Partner League Round-up
Welcome to Partner League Round-up #4
Hey P-League!
Lots of action in our world last week. I’ve rolled up the best of it in this 4th issue.
Acquisitions, fundraise announcements, Shopify brands IPO'ing, lots of professionals in our network making lateral moves across the eco-system - all signs of a healthy and maturing industry. I can’t help but think of all the change we will experience in the next couple of years, and what this all means for my own business. I think we can expect to hear of more Shopify partner businesses consolidating well into 2022.
What we’re already seeing unravel, is the positive ripple effect of entrepreneurs exiting and then re-investing in younger companies, or simply being role models. These are excellent catalysts for our industry. I’ll be watching and participating! These are just some thoughts kick off this week’s round-up newsletter. I’d love to hear what you have to say about all this growth and consolidation, drop me a reply or a note on Slack!
If you’re not a Partner League member yet, join us or book a call with me to learn more about how our community is helping members accelerate growth through networking, partnerships, and peer support.

New Members
Welcome to our newest Partner League members. Be sure to say hello in the intros channel!
New members + intros:
  1. Johnathan Solorzano - Solo Media Group
  2. Lokendra Panwar - Propero
  3. Ilias Haddad - Freelance Shopify developer
  4. Mohamed Fergany - ConvertedIn
  5. Marco De Paulis - Whiplash
I’m replacing the Member Spotlight section this week with a couple asks.
  1. If you’d like to be featured on our blog with a written interview, check out the questions here, and send me your answers via Slack. We’ll craft something that promotes you and your projects to our members and through our network.
  2. We’re looking for a freelance content writer to help us create engaging and consistent blog content - specifically we’re looking to publish daily hot takes on current events/news, highlight notable partnership projects and events led by members, craft member spotlight posts from our written interview questions, create content with our sponsors and keep our members updated with Partner League news. Open to meeting and speaking with candidates who are looking for full-time work. Email
The Hacker Guide To Angel Investing | Hacker Noon
We've Got Users, So Why Talk to the Market? - Pragmatic Institute
What is Partner Marketing? Your Ultimate Partnership Marketing Guide
DTC Briefing: How OpenStore aims to build a Shopify-focused holding company
Sponsor | Cogsy
This issue is sponsored by one of our main community sponsors, Cogsy. Cogsy helps DTC brands eliminate manual spreadsheets and guesswork to automatically order the right inventory at optimal levels and grow in the best way possible. To learn more about Cogsy and how they work with app and agency partners in our ecosystem, request a demo or contact Adii Penaar on Slack.
Top Community Threads This Week (Members Only)
Turn your Tweets into beautiful images - Callum McKeefery
Browse the Partner League member directory - Jon Kennedy
Site Speed Summit - Marco De Paulis
Member Content
Yotpo and Shopify enter a multi-year platform partnership, but it's business as usual at
Sendinblue acquires Chatra, Metrilo, and PushOwl for $47 million –
Mainfactor Raises $69M to Acquire Direct-To-Consumer Companies
Overheard on the Socials
John Wilson
So You Wanna Buy a Business:

You’re sitting here drinking your coffee. You think to yourself - man - this John guy is pretty cool. He thinks businesses are cool. Maybe I should buy one.

Quite the leap and I appreciate the compliment.

Tom Gardner

Smarter -- study great companies

Happier -- work with amazing people

Richer -- beat the market over the long term
Photo of the week
From 2009 to 2013 I wrote a blog that covered the cross-section of creativity, sport and culture. Drop me a note if you want to hear more about what and why I worked on that. But photos like this often caught my attention, not only for their beauty but for what it represents.
The football field of the fishingtown called Henningsvær at Lofoten is a special one. The green artificial grass stands out from the winter landscape. Would you dare to play here? Photo credit: Nando Harmsen, Drone Photo Awards 2021
This wraps up the 4th issue. I’d love to hear which parts of the newsletter you like, or what I can improve on. If anything struck your interest, drop me an email or message. I really take my time to save links through the week and curate what I think is most interesting and relevant. Everything is shared for a reason.
Have a great week.
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