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Partner League Round-up #2

September 12 · Issue #2 · View online
Partner League Round-up
Welcome to Partner League Round-up #2
Hey! Hope you’re having a great weekend!
This is our second issue!
I always have a good time curating content. This newsletter format really enables this, and serves to keep you updated as members! As someone who is naturally curious about so many things, curation is almost like therapy to me. I also like to believe that it’s a core skill for building communities. If you have interesting links to share, whether you’re own content, or something that grabs your attention during the week, send links my way via email or Slack.
If you’re not a Partner League member yet, join us or book a call with me to learn more about how our community is helping members accelerate growth through networking, partnerships, and peer support.
PS: If you’re reading this with your Sunday morning coffee, reply with a quick unedited photo of your coffee or view.

New Members
Welcome to our newest Partner League members. Be sure to say hello in the intros channel!
New member intros:
  1. Harvey Dodd - Blueprint
  2. Philip LeCoutre - DataQuantics
  3. Ricardo Ceci - VNStudios
Other recent member intros:
  1. Thomas Kimura - Brickspace Lab
  2. Adi Penaar - Cogsy
  3. Pooja Anand - Loox
Note: We begin development of our member directory this week. The directory will give every member a full view on the community, and open new connection opportunities for everyone. Here’s a screenshot.
Member Spotlight
Member Spotlight: Meryl Johnston, Founder and CEO - Bean Ninjas Member Spotlight: Meryl Johnston, Founder and CEO - Bean Ninjas
Quitting Entrepreneurship, Getting A Job — Daniel R. Sim
The Incentives to Publish No Longer Reward the Web's Creators - SparkToro
To get through life, we all need to ask for help — here’s how NOT to do it |
The questions I get asked most about partnering with digital agencies, answered:
Sponsor | Prooffactor
This issue is sponsored by one main community sponsors, Proof Factor. Their Shopify App ONE+, is an multi-feature social proof app. They are actively developing their partnerships with agencies and service providers! Exclusive Partner League offer to first 10 agency partners: $10,000 of SMS Credits + $10,000 of Email Credits + 50% revenue share per referred merchant. Get in touch here or contact Prateek Garg within the Partner League Slack.
Top Community Threads This Week (Members Only)
Growth metrics - Tony Ng
Logistics for UK eCommerce - Sam Wright
Yotpo and Shopify enter multi-year partnership
Member Content
MicroAngel State of the Fund: August 2021 - by Eyal Toledano - Micro Angel
Email Marketing Tips to Increase Sales with Kiril Kirilov | Data From Over 1,000 Ecommerce Brands
Two Apps, Ten Months, and $10,000 MRR: Here’s How These Two Developers Did It | - The publication dedicated to bootstrapping founders
Grow sales by 20%+ with a customer referral program ft. Raul Galera (Inbound Success, Ep. 209)
Overheard on the Socials
Jeremy Horowitz
All the recent acquisitions in the Shopify space are just the beginning of the M&A explosion in the Shopify space. With the recent IPOs and mega-rounds, there’s a ton of cash to spend and with the expected growth rates, it’s going to be an exciting couple of years.
Mike Beckham
Recently I celebrated my 42nd birthday. I took some time to reflect on life and business. Here are some of the top things I have learned: 🧵👇

1. Relationships with depth, trust, and intimacy are the primary way to achieve lasting contentment in life.
Martin MacDonald - MOGmedia Inc
My brain is like Chrome.

237 tabs open, 3 are frozen, and I've no idea where the music is coming from.
Photo of the week
Ninots (cardboard figurines) burn as one installation of the Fallas festival is set ablaze in Valencia, Spain, on September 5, 2021. The Fallas, featuring a parade of floats and giant cardboard sculptures, was canceled in 2020 and was postponed from March to September this year, because of the pandemic. Photo credit: Jose Jordan / AFP / Getty
Every local talks about Fallas in Valencia, where I currently live. They either love it and celebrate, or they hate it and leave the city when it’s happening. I can understand and respect tradition, but it’s difficult to reconcile why beautiful sculptures and art go up in flames and billowing smoke, in celebration, while the world suffocates. For many locals, it’s a meaningful tradition and important economic driver in the region. While I don’t love parts of this celebration, I’m grateful that travel and cultural immersion has allowed me to think critically, and develop a sense of acceptance and tolerance.
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