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Partner League Round-up #10

December 19 · Issue #10 · View online
Partner League Round-up
Welcome to Partner League Round-up #10
Hey PL'ers
We’re two weeks away from 2022. I’m sure you’re either winding down OR already hyped up for your plans and ambitions for the upcoming year. Just don’t forget to disconnect for at least a few days and be present with family and friends. Check out the links, stories and resources we’ve curated for you this week.
Some community news and asks this week:
  • We are deploying community features in the coming days. We’re still testing things but if you have time, you can connect to our Slack community app here (members only area). You can update your member profile and poke around. It includes new member directory accessible via a Slack bot, currently labelled as “Member Directory - Development”
  • If you’re not a Partner League member yet, join us or book a call with me to learn more about how our community is helping members accelerate growth through networking, partnerships, and peer support.

New Members
Welcome to our newest Partner League members. Be sure to say hello in the intros channel!
New members + intros:
Tung Nguyen Thanh - HappyPoints (
Luca Cartechini -
Jesse Correy -
Molly C -
A Beskrovna - MakeBeCool & MBC Bundles
Member Re-intro:
Monica - Business with Monica
Scroll up the intros channel on Slack to read intros from other new members who’ve joined us recently. And don’t forget to browse the member directory if you’re looking to connect with partners running agencies, apps, or members in similar roles and regions.
Vendor Marketplace reviews
Our new vendor marketplace is meant to help our members make wiser decisions around choosing service and software vendors. If you’ve used any of the listed vendors, please leave an honest review with context. - Review by Jonathan Kennedy - Review by Blair Beckwith
Here are a couple of resources that caught my attention this week and which I think are worthy of your time.
356: Which of the 7 habits of creative people are you lacking - with Nathan Phillips - Product Mastery Now
15 Inspiring Examples of Cart Upsells - Intuitive, Unique and Clean UX Design
What to Look for When Hiring a Tech Partnerships Manager
Sponsor | Proof Factor
This issue is sponsored by one main community sponsors, Proof Factor. Their Shopify App ONE+, is an multi-feature social proof app. They are actively developing their partnerships with agencies and service providers! Exclusive Partner League offer to first 10 agency partners: $10,000 of SMS Credits + $10,000 of Email Credits + 50% revenue share per referred merchant. Get in touch here or contact Prateek Garg within the Partner League Slack.
Top Community Threads This Week (Members Only)
Head of partnerships - Derric Haynie
Shipping app client challenge - Wes Grasty
I bought an NFT - Jonathan Kennedy
Member Content
A few pieces of content and resources published by our members
Mark Riskowitz: Managing Operational Uncertainty At Caraway - Cogsy
The Taproom appoints Victoria Wilson to CEO, Josiah Mory to CTO
Overheard on Twitter
Nat Eliason
Remember diversification is how you preserve wealth, not get it.

Find something you’re obsessed with and go all in.

Diversify once you make it.
Sahil Bloom
Want to accelerate your career?

Write better.

THREAD: The principles of powerful business writing:
Photo of the week
Meat Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia - Canada
No words. Just a beautiful place in my home country.
Photo credit: @itstojoseph
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Have a great week!
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