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Pandion Letters - Solo Rules and Playbooks and Updates!

Pandion Letters
Pandion Letters - Solo Rules and Playbooks and Updates!
By Pandion Games • Issue #6 • View online
We have unlocked the next funding goal: New Playbooks and Quantum Events!
And a Solo Rules Announcement!

New Playbooks and Quantum Events
This goal brings with it an additional 5 core playbooks to bring our total to 10!
Play as a Quantum Specialist, one of the few that understands the underlying scientific knowledge of how and why Banda and its Grove exists. Revel in researching not just the inner workings of the Grove, but the Quantum Woods and what lies beyond!
5 more Quantum Events will also be added! These mini-adventures explore The Grove, its daily life, peoples, visitors, spirits, creatures, and mysteries!
Solo Rules Announced!
After many questions about implementing rules for playing Banda’s Grove solo, we have made it a priority! At the $1,000 funding goal, we will write and release solo rules by Armanda Haller and I!
Armanda Haller is a solo game designer known for Paranoid Android, Teenage Angst, and Cordelia Needs A Kingdom. She is the host of Alone with Armanda on PlusOneExp’s Twitch - a solo TTRPG play and review stream!
We are very excited to be working with Armanda to bring solo play to the Grove!
Quality of Life and Map Updates!
We are already receiving great feedback from those reading and playing Banda’s Grove! Thank you so much!
This update simplifies some terms, provides rules clarity, corrects typos, and also adds several map changes. All versions, including the Ashcan Edition, received these quality-of-life updates to their text, so make sure to re-download your files!
Want to provide feedback, have questions or comments? You can find us here:
Thank you so much for your support,
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