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Pandion Letters - Quantum Jam and Updates

Pandion Letters
Pandion Letters - Quantum Jam and Updates
By Pandion Games • Issue #11 • View online
Put on your boots and head down to the mess hall to join in the fun!

Quantum Camping Jam Starts June 15th
Entangled Logo for Banda's Grove compatable products
Entangled Logo for Banda's Grove compatable products
A game jam hosted on, this game jam is for anyone and everyone! The goal of the Quantum Camping Jam is to allow others to make the Grove theirs, and to celebrate and share their work.
We have released several resources for those participating in the jam such as the neat logo above, a creator’s guide and design resources! All links are on the jam’s page.
We would love for everyone to come check out and join the Quantum Camping Jam to show off your vision of the Grove!
Whether your idea is a single creature, a poem, or a whole supplement, you can submit it to this jam.
If you aren’t sure where to start, jump into our discord server or community forums on the jam page, and we would be happy to help.
While the Jam doesn’t formally start until June 15th we will accept early submittals to the Jam. Just send us a message if you have made something, and we’ll get you a link to add your entry.
Marleigh's letter from summer camp
Marleigh's letter from summer camp
Form-Fillable PDFs and Digital Assets Released
Transparent background Grove Map with notes section for VTTs
Transparent background Grove Map with notes section for VTTs
Released today! There have been several requests to help facilitate online play and our first step is to include form fillable PDFs, high-resolution base map images with transparent and full color backgrounds, individual map tokens, and several hex illustrated and solid color hex tiles.
We are taking further suggestions to make playing easier for Grove Rangers and Campers who stream or play online. If you have ideas of how we can help, please email us or jump into our discord server to discuss your ideas.
Solo Rules Being Fleshed Out
Work on the solo rules for Banda’s Grove continue to be fleshed out and written. We are incredibly excited about them and think we have something unique here for everyone.
We’re adding rules for the core game as promised: Tables, written rules for tweaking play, etc.
However, Armanda Haller is also creating a whole new Solo Mode: Be a Festival Planner or Contractor & travel around the Grove preparing for a Festival or working to build a new Facility!
Every Facility and Festival in the game will have a to-do list that you need to accomplish for it. There will be two custom playbooks just for solo players. Pick the Festival or Facility to accomplish tasks for each play session.
In each Fragment of the Grove, you attempt to complete one of your tasks. There are 7 Fragments in the Grove - each you can generate with our newly provided tables. After visiting each Fragment and completing your tasks, you hold the Festival or have a Grand Opening of your Facility!
Your solo sessions can take place in the same Grove you play with other Campers or a different one! You can use the tasks for each Festival or Facility to expand out your group play, or keep them just for yourself.
This is quite a lot, and not just a simple set of rules to engage with the Grove by yourself, and for that reason, this will take some time to really flesh out. But we really think it will be worth the wait!
New Games Available in Print!
12 pages, full color saddle stitch. Available for $8
12 pages, full color saddle stitch. Available for $8
Taking a short break from Banda’s Grove, we are getting our previous games printed! Each purchase includes the PDF for free.
Badger + Coyote, our pastoral 2-player game, is perfect for lazy Sundays, date nights, and picnics! Each player takes on the role of Badger or Coyote and each plays by unique rules.
36 pages, full color, solo horror game. Available for $15
36 pages, full color, solo horror game. Available for $15
Whispers in the Walls is a solo horror roleplaying game that has you take on the role of a Private Investigator that can understand the secrets the walls hold. This game is designed to be shorter, each session is only 15-60 minutes.
Build your Whispers Deck, which will guide you to narrative prompts as you draw cards. Write in your journal what happens, what you see, what you feel, what you do, and what you understand…
And at the end, piece it all together to tell the story of what happened here.
Thank you so much. Pandion Games has only existed for about 6 months, and it has grown so much because of all of you, and it has been an incredible journey.
There is much more we have planned and can’t wait to show you.
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